Okay, I know I promised for the full post on the Fancy Dress party but hey, there was a glorious full moon tonight and I couldn't help unleashing my arsenal of camera gear to start shooting it.

Don't worry, all the fancy dress photos have been collaged and batch edited – ready to go! (it's currently halfway written and saved in my blogpost draft at the mo)


Shot at 1925 HRS


It's funny how the sun begins to set at 5.45pm here in Australia, as compared to how it sets at about 7.30pm in Malaysia. Talk about a huge difference!

Goodness gracious, by 6pm the sky is already dark here!


But the moon only begins to appear at approximately 6.30pm


So yes, the moon. Remember how there was so much buzz on the Supermoon roughly 3 weeks ago?

Supposedly a rare occasion where the moon is at its closest point to the earth?


Well, BIG DEAL. *rolls eyes*

To be honest, all I saw was a round full moon that night. Just like any other moon on any full moon night.


But tonight, it was beautiful and huge.

So off I set out from my rez carrying nothing but my camera and a few lenses

I was crawling all over the floor and climbing rooftops just to get the shots I wanted.

Few of the people on rez gave me weird looks and thought I was a drunkard trying to break into houses LOL


As you can see, the clouds were being a bit of a b!tch so I waited and waited


And when the sun has COMPLETELY set on the opposite end of the horizon, all was still, silent and pitch black in the sky.

Finally, my wait is over. Now, let's shoot the moon!


Now, that's more like it.


I shot this one whilst on top of South 8's rooftop.

Don't ask me how I got up there, I just did. Well, blame the extra dosage of hyperactivity.


Shot this on top of a tree branch


Again, don't ask me how I got up there.

I was scratched on the arm in the process. Sigh.


The great lengths photohunters go to just to get their perfect shot.


This was shot while I was lying flat on the grass


I know they all probably look similar to you, but notice the difference in colour and positioning.

Ahh well, I loved how the moon looks tonight. Opalescent, romantic and a tad eerie.


Just the way I like it.

Don't mind me. I have a solid excuse 😛

I was waiting for the moon to peek from those annoying stratus clouds


It took me slightly over an hour to get all my shots together. Heck, it was very windy so all the clouds just kept coming in the way! Oh, bother

But hey, it's all good. I got home safe and sound in the dead of the night… with slightly numb ears and fingertips because the idea of putting on a jacket didn't quite occur to me in the midst of my hype to go mooning.


Silly me!