My weekend was a blast!

Friday was good, Saturday was good-er and Sunday was the good-est! LOL I think I fail my superlatives when I’m hyper!!


Dubby came over on Friday and we spent a quiet evening together. How funny it turned out to be when moments of nostalgia gradually became a challenge of a ‘How Well Do You Know Me?’ quiz. We took turns asking each other random questions about ourselves and hmm.. results were pretty good =) oh well, looks like the years paid off huh, Dubby? LOL

We got started on our annual project – the Benjica™ album. It was very pretty even after finishing only 3-quarter of it all. Hmm.. and Dubby you reminded me of the our ship and the kitchen model! Yay! Looking forward to all those activities with ya. Oh and, working out with ya too, now that you’ve joined my gym. Body Pump : GOGOGO!! Lovin the adreanalin!

Shopping at Queens after a delicious home-made lunch from Dubby and omfg what a small world! It appears that, my loyal G2000 customer, (whom my boss and I commented on her husband’s rather, abominable appearance. Oh by the way, she is gorgeous. The irony of cupid’s arrows!) a beautiful young lady, whose looks I can’t stop exalting ever since July 2007, happens to be the sister of my boyf’s best friend and the current boss of my childhood friend. Yeah, we bumped into her but neither of us dared to say ‘hi’ because we didn’t exactly KNOW her personally. You could’ve guessed, we slinked away as quietly as we could. Goodness me.

Dinner with the extended family couldn’t be anyMORE interesting don’t you think Hunn? Some people are just  capable of carrying on and on…
and on and on *music fades*

Some lau-juakking around us.
Conversations with her will NEVER end

For the record: Remember I’ve mentioned before about a regurgitating aunt of mine? Yup, she’s the one who came by with her adorable, snowy-white husband. Wow. Dubby and I exchanged 345796535 strange looks altogether until the moment they left. Oh well, I guess these peculiar behaviourisms comes with age, no? =0

Night fell and Dubby took me out for a midnight movie – ‘House’. It was pretty freaky at certain scenes where the deceased’s face was shown when you least expect it. Like,


Oh yeah, we are moving soon. Selling off our current property and settling down into a cosy spot.

That’s Dubby and mum listening

We went scouting around for a spacious apartment/condo unit to move into. Hmm.. a few units caught our eye, including the one located 9-storeys above Dubby’s. What a coincidence

Working out with Dubby around never felt so fun in.. lemme see, 5months? Haha yeah. 45minutes of cardio in many matches in Squash and another 45minutes in the country club’s gym. Ouch.. I’m prepared for the worst when I wake up tomorrow morning!