And yet again I just can’t stop saying how much I’m thrilled about having finished our Desperate Housewives workload.

Woo hoo!!!! Oh yay. Oh yes. Shit, Retardedness sets in.

My other post – here wasn’t enough. For all those late nights and strenuous noons, it is friggin’ worth it to have it completed once and for all. Just reminds me of how relieved I was after finishing ‘The Daily Scoop’ newspaper last semester for Newswriting for Print Media – here

Sweet success always comes after a mine of hard work.
So yeah, here we (and the project) are, feeling extremely relieved,
 overjoyed and sleepy all mixed into our cauldron of emotions… at 3a.m

Being in Daniel’s house for almost 12hours, I had the opportunity to have some human-feline bonding moments. I just reignited my love for cats. Just in time though, as my fondness of dogs were gradually beginning to take over my cat-frenzy.

Enough with the stereotypes that cats are nothing but lazy-asses who eats, sleeps and then runs away. Too late!! The felines still overrules….. especially the black ones. Honestly now, I’ve always wanted to own a black cat for myself since I was 5. I thought the phase was over but, looks like it came back! =)

It reminds me of one of the witches back in the medieval days.
Creepy, but… I’m lovin it.

Know something? My folks will scream my head away if I were to ever keep such an eerie creature in the vicinity of my house. Such spoilsports. Oh well. Bummer. Maybe next time when I have a place of my own, I’ll have 29 black cats roaming all over my house and into everyone’s room, especially theirs, just to get back at them. LOL. I know you’re reading this mom….was just KIDDING about the cat-infested house!

But I’m serious about having a black one of my own. Period.