Express post via my iTouch!

So, I've decided to adopt a new look. New style. New whatever-you-call it.


Yeah, the geek has taken over me

Also known as the mod hipster


To be honest, I'm not even sure how this decision came to part.

Perhaps it's just one of my random streaks. It could be just a moment, really, or another of my short-lived phases.


After vs Before

What do you think? 


I've actually asked this question on Twitter and Facebook last night.

A majority of people responded saying how they prefer me without glasses simply because they didn't want me to hide my eyes and also because they're used to seeing me without glasses on.


But hey, a change is sometimes fun 😛



Now, now. Don't get angry with me 😛


Also, I've enjoyed playing with my new toy. Thankew so muchhhhhh!!! 

Someone special happened to read my tweet of my wanting an Angry Bird plushie but cbf to buy it



It's been a week with my Industrial Piercing now and I'm relieved to say that it's healing well!


Yup, I've been laying off the seafood and being extra hygienic


Also, due to the piercing, I've seemed to have changed my hairstyle too. 

I've been sporting a one sided ponytail or side-swept locks for a week now. Yeah, all because I didn't want my hair to tangle up with my new piercing, lest it becomes a bitch of a pain to endure.

Besides, it's cleaner without the oil from hairs to go anywhere near it.


One week down. Do I really have to wait for 6 months for my Industrial to heal completely?

Le Sigh. ;(


Oh and, I went back to visit thefockers for the long weekend – Raya holidays.

And guess which ball of sunshine greeted me at the door? 



So happy to come home to hugs and kisses from our beloved terrier, Penny


Camwhoring with my superstar granny en route to dinner!


Bah. If you must know, I've been laden with assignments! Namely Youth Media and Video Journalism.

I'm writing an essay at the moment; problematizing the long-debatable belief of how media content itself has led to profound behavioural and attitudinal effects on youths.  Yadda yadda yadda blablabla.


So yeah, I strive to finish it before I fly off to Melbourne!

Hence the express post


Okay, breaktime over. Back to workies for me; it's nerding time!

Hope you have a great week ahead 😉 Till next time, folks