Hollaaaaa! Hope your weekend is going swell, dear readers

Mine has been hectic but fun thus far! I just returned from a full day at the 'Avengers With Harley' event.


Many thanks to Harley Davidson for inviting me as their guest!

I had a swell time checkin' out and even riding your buncha sexy superbikes. It an was out-of-this-world experience! The private screening of Marvel's The Avenger's with good company & all the bikers was amazing too


More of that in another blogpost!


Random photo : sunny skies ahead!


   Oooh and here's a Health & Money tip for today! 

Steadfast in my daily routine is lots of gymtime and fresh fruits & vegetables everyday.


My gym essentials


To complement your healthy lifestyle, blend your own fresh fruit juice at home!

Theboyf and I bought a whole lot of fruits & veggies yesterday at the market and it only costed us 6 bucks altogether.  


Imagine buying fruit juice from a juice bar – 10 bucks for a blend of only 3 fruits, sugared, watered down and filled with ice.

Nope, not wise at all. 


This morning, we had a power combination of 5 types of fruits & 2 veggies


Let's see. Green apples, red apples, oranges, pears, a pineapple, celery sticks & carrots.

100% fresh, pure, concentrated fruit juice including the pulp for only RM6 FOR TWO HUGE GLASSES! 

Apart from the labour of cutting & juicing the fruits by ourselves (and rinsing the equipment thereafter) it is a fun thing to do together, I must say! 


Upon taking our 1st sip of our homemade fruit juice, we nodded in approval and high-fived each other for a job well done. 


Did some juicing with buddy Pamela at home too!

We used a combo of red apples, oranges, carrots & pears 😀


By the way, some of you have been asking me why I haven't been updating much this month.

Now that you've mentioned, it kinda struck me.  


Probably 'cos I'm often out and about even more lately that I hardly have the time to sit at my computer anymore.

Apologies! 🙁 You can still catch up with me via my twitter page :D


Promise I'll be updating a whole lot more, aight? 🙂 

Oh, and to make up for lost time, here's a back to back of some photos & happenings I've missed out on sharing with you peeps.


Saved a kitten from being crushed in the middle of the road


Speaking of felines, here are a few latest piccies of my furkid, Chivas.

He's such an adorable ball of fluff, 10 months old now 🙂


Just got him neutered!


Was extended an invitation to Werner's @ Changkat Bukit Bintang to attend a launch party jointly organized by Corset Me, Rarablack and Lovely Legs.

They held a sexy corset party – CANDYGIRL – and it was fun trying out their corsets, leggings and other outfits!


The ladies from Corset Me did a live demonstration of the proper & correct way to wear a corset


I've personally never worn an *actual* corset before!

I only own those corset-look-a-like tube tops from Guess, Forever 21 and MNG. 


This live demonstration was informational & pretty fun to watch


They then offered to let me try their corsets. I got to choose whichever corset that suits my style the most!

The kind lady-boss of Corset Me – Jaycee – helped me wear it properly. Thanks again!


Before I knew it, I was ushered to the studio area to do a photoshoot with their corset on.


My style was evident tonight – an edgy, rockerchick look with a feminine touch 

I picked a black Ed Hardy inspired corset


Felt so jittery throughout the photoshoot!

I've always felt more comfortable being the photographer than being photographed. But I hope I pulled it off!


Mui Victoria and I during the event


Michelle and I just before we left the event!

Two photos : one from my camera & one from hers 🙂


It was a fun and enlightening night. I had a great time!


Attended Carlsberg Where's The Party event

Thanks for the photos, Ed 🙂


Just some photos from ze clan's Christmas potluck party. I made roast! 😀 😀

Again, thanks for the photos Ed!


Brought theboyf back to Penang for the 1st time


Had my Industrial Piercing re-pierced because I didn't like the initial positioning


Went for a double date with my pals!

Some relaxation + shisha with good Iranian food at Shisha Lounge!


Had an amazing & fun-loving valentines!


Exchanged gifts! (More gift-exchange that I forgot to take photos of cos he opened mine real fast)


Had a milkshake phase

Speaking of which, it's been a while since we last had our dose of Milkshake Factory, ey? 😛


Played with food


Ate too much good food


…….. that it's time for a moneydiet


Went to Semenyih for the 1st time to accompany buddy Pam's trip Nottingham University

Photo taken while waiting for her 🙂


Played and experimented with pretty contact lenses!

Clockwise : olive green, ash, brown, violet


Had a random burst of OCD and I started to reorganize my contact lenses


Bought new grey diamond ones! Love how they have sucha strong affinity to the eyeballs


  Just so you know, all the contact lenses I'm wearing are plano ones.

Zero power, as I am neither short-sighted nor long-sighted.


But unfortunately, I have very high astigmatism.

Got my eyes checked!


Fell in love with this tiny car with a Union Jack roof!


Also fell in love with this random cloud I saw by the display window in the mall!


Camwhored in the car while waiting in the bubble jet carwash machine!


Attended one of the series of Guinness's St. Patrick's Day celebrations at Jarrod & Rawlins!

Brought along buddy Pam to join in the greeeeeeen Irish fun 


Massive retail therapy when I got real moody sometime last month


Pampered my nails – DIY at home! 😀


Random shot via iTouch at KLCC carpark


Random shot via iTouch at The Curve's carpark


Also a random shot, this time in Sunway instead!


Had a scrumptious dinner feast with the Aussiemates at Souled Out


Camwhoring with theboyf with full hopes of getting a nice photo but………

Such is life 


Attended the Laura Mercier Spring 2012 Collection & Swatch launch


Had my make up done by the professional make-up artists there!


Met the amazing Jodi Riley, the official, international make-up artist of Laura Mercier

She's so bubbly and full of personality!


Lastly, went back to school with buddy Pam to visit our high school teachers &

eat the famous Char Koay Teow at our canteen!


Surely you must miss your high school food after growing up with it for 11 years of your early life 😛

We certainly did.


That being said, have a good night (or a party night!)

and enjoy your Sunday ahead lovelies!