Throughout my years of being a body art enthusiast, I often get asked if I've gotten any new ones recently.

The answer is, yes. I did it mid last year and this tattoo marks my sixth ink so far.


If you've not read the story of my tattoo journey, you've GOTTA read this – here 

Let the games begin. After six years, it's all too familiar now, really.


Two (or was it three?) hours passed and I was done… ALREADY? 

This pain was nothing compared to what I endured on my ribcage. That was torturous haha!


End result.

A pair of iconic eagle feathers from the tribes of Native-America (Red-Indians)


So.. what's the significance of these eagle feathers, you ask? 

Legend has it that it symbolizes trust, wisdom & strength, and those who were granted these feathers were hand-picked by their tribe leaders.

It was considered most honourable & rewarding to the Native American warriors and braves of the tribe.



Okay, I'm done with my story.

Bet you didn't know that right? :D Now you do.


Saldy, my inkmaster, discussing with me on preferable positions of my tattoo


Always the first step to tattooing. It is first carbon copied onto your skin for guidance.

Don't want anything to go wrong with free-hand sketching, right? 


Waiting for my tattoo artist to prepare the palettes of my chosen colours into his tattoo gun


After so many tattoos, you'd obviously think I'm used to the pain, the fear & the whole shebang, right?



Do not want 🙁 I still get the chills and turn into a nervous wreck with each session


I honestly have no clue why I still feel like a bundle of nerves after so many!

Perhaps it's just a psychological thing. People don't exactly like to be in pain nor would anyone look forward to feeling multiple piercing sensations, do they? Unless they have a fetish for pain…. 


But I put on a smile anyway. Despite being hesitant and scared of needles,

I was looking forward to seeing my new ink!


He first started by drawing in the outlines of the eagle feathers.


It hurt. But no matter, I'm a tough cookie.


Keep it still & steady, Jess. Don't flinch. Don't fidget. Don't twitch!

Trying my hardest LOL


Outlining in progress


After outlining, he proceeded with the inner linings of the feathers


After almost an hour, all the solid black linings were done.

Saldy began to fill in the shadings, contours & texture of the detailed feather itself as well as the red & blue colours of the string & beads which fasten the two feathers together.


Finally, it's over and done with!! Like it? What do you think? :D


I know it looks a little red and swollen in the photo above as it was taken immediately after the session.

After a week, it's fully healed now! 


Photos of my other tattoos:



My body art canvas from 2006-2012



Konzy & bestiePam was there with me throughout today's session.

They kept me company, helped me take photos and endured my moans LOL 


It's always great to have company. Thankyouuuuuuu 


As we speak, a very talented tattoo artist is conceptualizing & designing an epic work of art for me this year

Having a horrid blank in the middle of my cat & camera tattoo makes the art on my upper-back look amateur! It has completely no relevance to one another despite being placed so close together; screaming a result of bad placement.

Duh! They weren't done together… two years apart, in fact! :( That explains why.


See the ugly, wide, giant, empty space between my shoulderblade (cat) tattoo

& my back of the neck (camera) tattoo?


Have always wanted to fuse them both together – getting rid of the ugly wide space.

I knew I had to do something about it once and for all… to fill in the empty space with a shoulderblade sleeve that makes it a seamless, fluid one-piece, instead of scattered pieces.


Which is why, for 2013's addition into my canvas of body art/mod, I've decided on a sleeve :D


A void such as this would be best filled with some magic. 

And I meant that literally  My upper-back sleeve will be a metaphor of a poignant, beautiful tale.


Anyway, I'm now looking forward to see the final drafted design! :D 

Yay me! Will show ya'll soonest okay?