Before you say anything, yes I realized I haven't been blogging for the past 4 days.


Reason being: assignments were up my neck!

I wanted to finish up whatever that was needed to be done before I fly off to Australia for a month, so I could enjoy my holiday and not be a useless student slacking away. Heck, I even plan to attend classes whilst I'm there!


It's awesome how Monash has so many campuses *grins*


So apart from assignments, what has been keeping me busy?

In case you didn't know, the one on the right is me 😀

Who does the left one look like? *wink*


*drumroll* The Sims Social on Facebook!!!!!

I've never been one to play Facebook games; in fact, I get a tad annoyed with all the game requests.


But seriously? The Sims is back… and now on Facebook? It's a childhood memory to play God yo!

Haha. Look at theboyfie and I talking on to each other as Sim characters


It was funny how when the Sim version of us were getting to know each other > flirting > eventually embracing,

we kept yelling over Skype  "OHMYGOD! WE'RE DATING NOW!"


Hardy har har. Alluring ey.

Notice how my Sim (left) closely resembles me and how his Sim (right) looks almost exactly like he does


Oh, and here's some trivia you might find interesting:

I remember how I used to be such a morbid & sadistic player of The Sims when I was 11.



1. I used to put my people into swimming pools & remove the pool steps (For some strange reason, they can only enter & exit the pool via the steps). So, needless to say, they drowned and died a horrible death.  ;(


2. I used to put them into a tiny room without windows nor furniture and then remove the door.

They were trapped, malnourished and pee-ed/poo-ed on the floor and again, died a horrible death.

HEYHEYHEY this reminds me of the Petknode cat abuse case. ;(


3. I had them conceive a baby, and then not allow them to attend to their baby's cry.

The baby cried and cried non-stop & finally the lady from the Child Abuse services came to "save" the baby.

I then built a brick wall around her to stop her from getting the baby; she died suffocating & eventually dying an even more horrible death; apt for a horrible person trying to take away the baby! haha  ;(


True story. But it bewilders me how I can be such a violent and sadistic gamer when I was barely a teenager.



😛 😛


And what else filled my time?

Of course, gushing over heartthrob Chuck Bass!!! *swoons*


Gossip Girl season 5 is gonna premier on the 26th September!

Can't wait. Chuck Bass, wait for meeeeeeeeeee!!! 😀



Oh and I shall see you soon! I should be boarding the plane before you know it 🙂

Will blog whilst in Melbourne – duh!  Much love