Yay finally!

I wanted to publish this blogpost earlier but decided to wait till the official photos were out by Johnnie Walker too!


And I’ve been collecting other photos that I was tagged in on Facebook by my friends too.

Sorry if this post took a while! I promise it’ll be worth the wait. Teehee. 


So yes, I arrived at the premises with my invitation


Oh and I absolutely loved how they crafted the invitations. Such a classy feel! 

It was in the form of a gold cuff/bangle in a beautiful shiny, black box.


Thanks for the photo, Minny!


They also gave a gold necklace to the ladies(which you will see me wearing) and a gold tie-pin for the gegentlemen as doorgifts.


This was the location – 32 Mansion – of which was decorated in a really elaborate manner!


So, are you ready to party with Johnnie Walker?

I sure am! 


At the entrance


Camwhored  for a bit before stepping inside the Black Circuit

Oh and you can see the gold necklace rather clearly in this piccie!


The moment I entered the mansion, I was in awe.

They’ve transformed the insides into something so magnificent!


Was served Johnnie Walker cocktails the very moment I entered


Decided to give ALL the cocktails a taste!

The ones in the front row: Gold Rush | 2nd row: Black 75 | final row was my favourite, Black Circuit!


There were booths available for the whiskey tasting! 

Guests were taught the RIGHT way of savouring it 


And no, the trick is not to gulp it straight down….



The bar where mixologists were doing their thang!


I never miss an opportunity against the photowall 😀 😀

Thanks for the photo, Jun Fook!


There were a couple of booths for guests to ‘check-in’ our location to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare too

After I was done mingling and drinking at the foyer, I explored further around the mansion


And found my table!


Thank you Johnnie Walker, for giving me a table and having it strategically right smack in the middle of the dance floor, facing the DJ console too! 


They made my day even before the party started! 🙂 🙂


Before we knew it, emcees of the night Hanson and Hannah kick-started the event.


Lights, camera, action!


They gave us a very warm welcome and introduced the 1st DJ of the evening.

Hey homeboy DJ Reeve, do your thang & spin that shizz on the decks for us tonight! 😉


DJ Reeve from Malaysia!


My close knitted homies came soon after. Was so glad to see them again!

As I spend most of my days in KL, I always look forward to our hang outs everytime I come back to Penang


There’s more of us, but they’re laaaaate! 🙂

You’ll see them in a bit


My babes and I.  Loves! 


Apart from my very own homies & other bloggers, I bumped into friends from the industry too


Throughout the event guests were served not only free-flow of Johnnie Walker Black Label, but also a torrent of delightful chocolates! A delicious assortment of white, dark and milk chocolates kept coming at me as though beckoning me to have more.

And you all know how much of a sucker I am for chocolates. Simply couldn’t resist!


Say whaaaaaad? 😛


Oh yeah. Chocolates galore. A generous amount was served to us!


I was made a very happy girl yet again.

Yes, chocolates make me happy, if you must know 🙂


Apart from all those awesome-pawsome things about the party so far, was the fact that I got to rekindle with some of my childhood and high school bunch of tfriends all over again.

Heck, I’ve not seen some of them ever since we left school!


Penang gurls in the haus!


Girl Guides of the same patrol back in 2005!


Classmates in primary school and squash mates in high school!


Convent girls of 2006/2007 all grown up 


More of my fellow Penang peeps!



I was psyched how the Black Circuit party brought together so many familiar faces; especially ones whom I’ve lost touch with. I was practically fluttering around to many different tables and coincidentally bumping into more and more old friends!

And Johnnie Walker was perfect as our toast to friendship! 



Oh and ya know what’s also great during the event?

The fact that polaroids were given out to remember the night. Absolute WIN!  


I’ve mentioned numerous times before; a party is never complete without a photo souvenir for keeps

That makes all the difference; compared to the usual digital photos uploaded online


We kept downing our drinks; but never fail to stay within limits. 

As we keep in mind to drink responsibly – as advocated by Johnnie Walker!


The emcees took to the dance floor again to “check” on us and how we were doing! 😀 😀



Also, the next DJ was announced. DJ FM from our neighbouring country, Singapore


It’s your turn to crank up the volume, deejay! 


From the window, to the wall

This party’s jumpin’ till tomorrow!


We drink the whole bottle but it ain’t over!

Errrbody’s jumping 😀


Day-O, me say Day-O

Daylight come and we don’t wanna go home 😀


We were the 1st ones to hit the dance floor, babeh!


Josiah and I 🙂

Geez duuuude, your complexion is way better than mine haha! *jealous*


With buddy Calvin


With my babe, Minny! 


Oh yes, another family photo of my homies!

(Still incomplete LOL)


Ren and I!


Let’s let’s let’s get it started in here! 

Flanked by Eric and Jun Fook


Emcees were back on the dancefloor!

I honestly couldn’t remember what they were saying cos I was having too much fun at the time.


But I jolly well knew when they welcomed the 3rd and final DJ of the night!


Let’s take it to the skies, DJ Teemaree!!! 


Read about my interview with her: here

Had a chance to sit down for 15 minutes for a short but enlightening interview 😀 Check it out yo


Another family photo with the homies with DJ Teemaree spinning in the background!


Bumped into EVEN MORE friends that night!


Eric who pimps my Blackberry!


With Chia Li!

OMG I DID NOT JUST DO THE ASIAN “5” POSE. What’s wrong with me?! -__-” argh!


DJ keep it movin!

I raved so hard when she played the electro-house tracks. 

Hell to the yeah! 


Boss Selva and I

Ahhh…. Back in the days when I was the photographer for the Mois!


Smile for the camera! 🙂


Two very tired (and slightly tipsy) bloggers




Now that’s what I call a flippin’ awesome party.

No party shall end before midnight, in my books! 


And most definitely not a night like Johnnie Walker Black Circuit parties!


My highlight of the night: I rubbed my eyes twice/thrice when I saw my best friend Joyce in front of me


She was supposed to be my plus one for the party; something came up so she had to pull a raincheck on me

Imagine my surprise when I saw her – with her invitation that I saved for her? Geez. How did she get it?


Found out that one of my homies took out her invitation from my box and passed it to her outside!

Apparently I did not notice while I was partying the skies down and my cellphone battery died on me



(Except a few who weren’t at the party)



Also found out it was DJ Teemaree’s birthday! 


So we’ve come to the end of this lengthy post. I hope it was worth the read!

Seriously, what’s there not to love about this party but it’s entirety? I’ve said all I needed to say and….


I give it a 5 star rating; very apt with its 5 star standard! 


I went home with memories of arguably the most fantastic party of my life ever since I returned from Australia


Thank you once again, Johnnie Walker for bringing us an amazing night

The Black Circuit Penang night was stellar; more than honoured to be your guest! See you around at the next party!


Keep Walking, you sexy beast of a Striding Man 😉

 Much love, TheJessicat