Thanks to those of you who have requested to see my new tattoo which I had done yesterday, there you go! 😀


Okay this baby of mine will be my 3rd. In case you didn't know, my 1st was done in 2006 which is a tribal design of hearts on my lowerback, my 2nd was done in 2008 which is a winged cat on my left shoulderblade.

And this one… will be an Egyptian horus eye.




Okay here are some videos of the process!

Watch only if you ain't weak hearted 😛



10seconds of the outline being done!



10seconds of the shading being done!



Don't ask me the reason WHY I chose all those designs. Because in fact, none of them bears any meaning to me. I know it's subjective that some people opt to tattoo themselves because it signifies something and some people don't.

Well, sorry wrong number – I don't as well.



Because to me, art doesn't need a meaning. Why should it? If it bears a meaning, then the aesthetic purposes of art would not be a meaning centered artifact by itself anymore. It will become

Reason instead – and not Imagination.


Yeah and halfway through, I just remembered the drive that propelled me to do this tattoo today. I'm turning 21 tomorrow! 🙂

So well, I guess that can be validated as a REASON. LOL A milestone, more of.



I personally am a ardent fan of body art, so that should be enough to justify why I like tattoos as well. And if you must know, Kat Von D is my idol! I used to watch Miami Ink/L.A Ink every night when it airs on MTV and marvel at some of the designs!

She's one plucky woman! Though I would never be as heavily tattoo-ed as her due to the constraints of the Asian norms for women, I do enjoy indulging in the pain when i feel like it.


Oh btw, his name is Saudi. He's a Pinoy and he's fab at what he does! 🙂

Don't know why but, why do all tattoo artists look the same?



My previous 2 artists had the similar look too. With long hair and heavily tattoo-ed arms with nipple piercings!


The face you see is a mask.

I'm honestly not enjoying myself!!! AAUUUUGHHHH



Trust me, the pain is addictive! 😀 😀

But at some points when the pain gets a tad more unbearable, you can try to distract yourself!!


It's funny when it hits near the vein or the bone because it makes you jolt upright and go – YIKES!! WHAT ON HOLY MOTHER EARTH WAS THAT!?? OUCH!


Cry of the wild! LOL just kidding.

If you ask me, of course it's painful. All 3 of my tattoos were. But I guess, no pain no gain yo!



If you don't feel any pain, you're either totally on crack or your pain threshold is that of Ironman.

Sitting there for so long makes you actually numb. When I was finally done, I honestly didn't wanna budge at all.



Can I just stay here?



Much thanks to Ven for the company, helping me video the prcoess and take pictures for me

Love you gal 🙂



In just a few hours, it will be the 1st of July once again. Finally, I will be hitting the legal age! I guess this is a birthday present I'm giving myself.

After all, you only turn 21 once! In fact you turn your age only once LOL but still, twenty-one is a big number. So…. this is for you Jess! 😀 😀


Happy Burpday! May you stay rebellious as always.

Love, me.