It’s frustrating to know that red hair dye pigments aren’t exactly very permanent ones, heck I would know, did it red for a total of 7 times already! It’s one tough hairstyle to maintain and not to mention expensive too *sigh*


But it’s all worth it 😀


am loving it


If you’ve been following my tweets yesterday, ya’ll would know that I’m back to being a red-head again 😀


Okay, some of you asked me questions about my red hair and how I maintain it.. etc etc

Well, here are the answers :



1. Where can I find a place to do my hair red like yours?

You can just do it anywhere, but opt for the ones with permanent red pigments. I’ve trusted that for 4 years and its the longest lasting one (buzz me if you want to know the brand)


2. Can I just do it red (from the box) at home?

No one’s stopping you. It’s for a fraction of the salon price but unless you’re a bleached blonde, it ain’t gona work on your Asian head, honey.


One of my besties Cedric, dubbed me an Aluminium Bitch + Lady Gagak LOL

Iconography VI brass ring by Soak Republic

3. How often do you do your hair red?

Twice a year 🙂 (both damaging to my pocket blahh)


4. How much does it cost?

Approximately RM500. If you say I’ve been ripped off, screw you. Sure, I can do it for RM200 or less but it won’t last as long and your hair will be more prone to damage without proper treatment. It IS very drying on the hair and chemicals were never your best friend from the start


5. Do you bleach it before getting it red?

No, I never believe in bleaching. If you do it often enough it WILL turn chilly red by itself.


Fooling around at the hair salon

6. How do you maintain the red hair?

I use two shampoos whenever I wash my hair – one is to enhance the colour and the other is to lock the color in. (again, buzz me if you want to know the brand) After shampooing, I use a color reflective conditioner to protect it from damaging weather conditions i.e sun

7. Does the red hair color fade?

DUH. Nothing lasts forever babe. And I wouldn’t have to do it 7 times if it never faded in the first place! 😀


8. Why do you choose to do red?

Simply because it’s visually arresting and no doubt my favorite color. Bet you can tell by the color of this blog anyway 😉



red Blackberry pimp by Berry Addictions


I totally felt like walking past the other hair salon which totally cheated me of my money.

I told them I wanted chilly red and even pointed to a few red items in sight, like their Chinese lanterns and ‘Welcome’ carpet for instance. Those morons told me they knew exactly what I wanted and I had nothing to worry about.

When it was finally done. I looked like a fig tree. My hair was quite damaged and the color? Not even the least bit close to red. They didn’t even have the decency to apologize nor refund. Instead, kept insisting it was red.

What, if you’re not colour blind nor have eyeballs hinderd with severe cataract, you’re definitely not fooling anyone but your unprofessional self mind you.



Always go for the established ones or at least, the ones you trust.



Anything else you wanna know? Just spill and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

Check out my post writen last year about having it done red. And no, I don’t do any other colour besides red 🙂




Till then, hope you like it just as much as I do!

Cos it’s here to stay at least for the next 6 months haha!

😀 😀