Two people. A random night of spontaneity. 

Swatches of my favourite denim jeans shredded to pieces all over the floor.


LOL did I catch you right there with the suggestive title and teaser line?

Well, in my defence, my jeans really did get torn off by theboyfriend. But I did not mean it in the :

Mr. Bean kind of way


So it was 4 in the morning and both of us were bored with nothing much to do.

I started lamenting to him about how my favourite pair of MNG jeans isn't really my style anymore.



I still love it, don't get me wrong.

But I find myself more into skinny jeans now instead of straight-cut and boot-leg cut jeans. That, and also the fact that I don't own a pair of ripped/slashed denim shorts.




So we decided to get creative with a pair of blunt scissors, a knife, our thinking caps & of course, my jeans.

Looked up what designs I liked and what designs I disliked before deciding on our own design.


Step 1 : Cutting up my jeans to my desired length


Snip snip snip!

We decided to cut it a bit longer just in case we made any mistakes


Ta-daaa! Well, this is what it'll look like if sewn into place


But I wasn't looking for demure, boring ol' denim shorts like the myriads I have in my wardrobe.

I was seeking something more…. wild. One that boasts a Slashed-Ripped-Torn look


So with my knife and his blunt scizzors, we started to pick at it furiously!

Kept hacking and slashing at it to create a rugged look with jaggered edges 


Step 2 : Slash & rip at it in no particular order. No rigidity whatsoever!


He attacked the front of my (now) denim shorts while I attacked the back.

I wanted claw-marks too at the front of my shorts, beneath both pockets but I didn't want them to look alike.



We ended up giving it horizontal claw marks beneath my right pocket & diagonal claw marks beneath my left

Hack hack hack. slash slash slash. rip rip rip. And here's the result :


Nice? What do you think?


I love it to shreds. LOL quite literally too! 😛

Worn them out only once but already getting quite comfy with them already


Major credits to theboyfie for being my partner in this DIY project in the wee hours of the morning!


My way of saying thank you : a surprise breakfast in bed of omelette with diced potatoes & cherry tomatoes