Early this year, when construction sounds could still be heard coming from the insides and floor-to-ceiling boards still shielded the entrance, I received an invitation for a food tasting session; to sample a menu during an exclusive media preview of a brand new restaurant.

The restaurant was Blu Med Ristoranre e Bar, a new Mediterranean and Italian Restaurant.


Brought my other half along with me – I could use a

Mediterraneanite to assist me in reviewing Mediterranean food!


Since the restaurant was not even open, we had to enter the premises via a side/corner entrance which led us to a staircase directly up to the 2nd floor. 

The boards blocked all public access to the restaurant.


Standing by the 'OPENING SOON' boards at the entrance!


In the invitation, I was told that the menu at Blu Med was produced and consulted by Chef Yasuhiro Sasajima, of Iron Chef fame. Having watched the Iron Chef program on television , I was naturally excited that I will be savouring a menu directed by the talented chef himself!laugh

Chef Sasajima broke out of the realms of traditional Japanese cuisine and started his love affair with Italian cuisine, marrying the two together to cook up a fine fusion of meals from his kitchen.


Chef Yasuhiro Sasajima 


Jia anda tidak kenal nama 'Chef Sasajima', dia merupakan antara salah satu daripada tukang-tukang masak yang paling terkenal di dunia! yes

I was looking forward to tasting his unique and distinctive Italian cuisine with a Japanese twist so much.


Upon arriving at the 2nd floor, I was greeted to interior decorations befitting a minimalistic concept.

It was brightly lit with incandescent spotlights, boasted cosy wooden and brick-wall ambiance, spacious and splashed with warm, earthly colours comprising shades of brown, white with a touch of blue.


Part of the upper dining area deck (2nd floor)


I exchanged a few words with the friendly managers present. 

After being ushered to our seats, we sat at our table in anticipation for what the evening had to offer.


The waiters began to pour some wine for us.

We were served the Luis Felipe Edwards Cabernet Sauvignon


I have always been a white wine kind of girl. cool

While my buddies had red wine, I opted for white wine instead:

Luis Felipe Edwards Sauvignon Blanc was my pick


Us at the table before our meals arrived  smiley


The Executive Director of Blu Med explaining the concept of the restaurant and the food


The first dish on our table was the appetitzer of Buffalo Mozzarella and Plum Tomato "Caprese".

The buffalo mozzarella, which is typically used in Italian dishes and less rubbery than usual mozzarella, was moist and had a mild piquancy – slightly tasteless, but well paired with the mint sauce drizzled around the dish (which doubles as good presentation too!).


Buffalo Mozzarella and Plum Tomato "Caprese"


For purists, this is made out of curd cheese using pure buffalo milk.

The locally sourced tomatoes and lettuce sprinkled with olive oil, basil oil and vinegar upped its initially bland flavour and hit the concept of freshness in mediterranean food right on the bull's eye.


The second dish that was placed before us was the Carpaccio of Hirame with Wild Rice and Soft Aubergine.

The first thing I did was to look for the aubergine. I couldn't see it at all! Did they give my plate a miss? I soon found out that the soft, "mashed" aubergine was hidden underneath the Hirame.smiley That was my favorite of the night.


Carpaccio of Hirame with Wild Rice and Soft Aubergine


The wild rice reminded me of risotto, but slightly grainer and nutty in comparison. When mixed with the relatively moist and "grassy" taste of the alfafa sprouts, it amassed a rather odd but not unpleasant flavour – definitely an acquired taste.

The Hirame, a popular type of white flesh fish used in Japanese cuisines (see how the fusion of Italian and Japanese influences is depicted now?) was fresh and served cold, just like sashimi.


Then came along our mains.

The third dish to arrive was Spaghetti Tomato Sauce with Sea Bass and Grilled Vegetables.

We were told that the pasta sauce was made from real tomatoes, and not the ones out of cans nor puree versions.


A block of Parmesan cheese was grated to our desired amount, as toppings for the pasta

The cheese added a light but sharp flavour to the pasta, making it a very good choice for garnishing.


We could clearly see how its sauce wasn't the ones right out of the can. 

I found this dish slightly watered down and tasteless, but then again, it was justifiable, as they only used fresh ingredients and we all know how fresh tomatoes holds a high water content. Good or bad? I'll leave you to decide.


Spaghetti Tomato Sauce with Sea Bass and Grilled Vegetables


It also had minimal seasoning; giving way to the natural flavours of tomato, sea bass and its side of grilled vegetables. This dish was fresh, light and had a oceanic and "fishy' flavour to it.

This dish was pretty standard, nothing to shout about especially to people who are more familiar with, or prefer their pasta with strong, heavy flavours. It does has its strengths and weaknesses, whatever suits your palate! smiley


Being sweet tooths, Shin Yee and I were only looking forward to the desserts after that.

Hopefully, our moods and appetites would take a positive turn once it arrives.


Selfshots of us! heart


And finally, our desserts arrived! smiley

The final dish that we got to taste was the Espresso Pannacotta.

But being a culinary aficionado myself, I do understand that the most difficult part of making the perfect Panna cotta is mixing the right ratio and achieving the right texture – soft, but firm enough to hold it together, with a gentle wobble only when moved.


Espresso Panna cotta


Though pretty in presentation, I must say that the texture of the Panna cotta was slightly dissapointing as it was too jelly-like, stiff and rubbery. I much prefer my Panna cotta to be the usual, softly set, creamier ones with silkier pudding-like consistency.

Apart from that, I loved the rich taste of this typical Italian dessert – especially this one as it is infused with Espresso! yes

It gave me a smooth mouthful, albeit not a melt-in-the-mouth texture. Still tasted delicious, though. The berries and almonds were a great touch too.



After dinner, the other half and I decided to roam about the second floor to explore beyond our dining table. angel

I loved how the upper deck overlooks the first floor (ground floor) dining area. Suh-weeeet!

Apabila berdiri pada tingkat atas, rasanye seperti si puteri melihat ke aras bawah pada himpunan para warganegaranye, tahu? Hahaha.


The other end of the dining area


The cutlery, wine and glass counter beside the entrance of the second floor


One of the two private rooms for private functions/dinners


Took more swigs of the exquisite Savignon Blanc frown

Can't ever get enough of white wine. Ever!


My favorite glass of  white wine and I kiss

How can anyone not love the setting and the ambiance of this restaurant? heart


Here are some after-dinner photos with some of the rest who were there as well.



As I headed to Mid Valley Megamall to attend an event a few days ago, I spotted the elaborately furnished and fully finished Blu Med Restaurant from a distance!

Needless to say, I made my way there to admire the completed version of the premises.laugh


Remember the entrance? I had to enter the outlet via a tiny opening at the corner.


Now, the grand entrance looks like this. Holy mama! WOW.


As mentioned earlier, Blu Med is divided into two separate levels.

The restaurant features a trendy cool and modern environment with touches of comfort on the lower floor and luxury on the upper floor – where we dined.

Patrons entering the restaurant will be greeted by an imposing floor to ceiling wall of candles separating the bar and the restaurant area, and a very high verticle garden cascading from the wall (beside the staircase) completed with two large chandeliers made of glass bottles, specially designed for Blu Med.


Remember these unfinished chandeliers wrapped up in black plastic?


Now it has transformed into dazzling glass bottles hung from the ceiling!


Blu Med, nestled amidst the bustling centre of The Boulevard in Mid Valley City, Blu Med clearly presents a perfect and modern-classy destination for both casual and fine dining diners around town. 

As this restaurant is located in a prime setting right smack in between two popular malls – Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens, I find it a very convenient place to pop by to have lunch, dinners or at any time of the day. 

This restaurant's last orders are at 10.30pm (and opens till midnight) so you know where to go for some bites or drinks when the mall has shut wink


Remember these boards covering the entire corner alfresco section?


Now. Boy, I'd love to sit there for some food and wine while enjoying the breeze!


As dissatisfied as I was, something tells me that tonight definitely cannot represent one's dining experience at Blu Med. 

I'm certain that this glamorous, posh restaurant with such a brilliant concept cannot be as inadequate as what I had experienced during tonight's media preview session. After all, this lovely restaurant was far from ready, and I can only assume as much for the unfully-equipped kitchen and the simplified menu we had tonight as well.

One thing's for sure, I'll be back very soon to give this restaurant another chance. smiley


Perhaps for a date, maybe? heart 



For more information or to place your reservations, you can:

Call them at: +603-2201-5081

Visit their restaurant at:
BluMed (located beside the giant fountain!)
Unit 27-G Ground Flr & Unit 27-1 First Flr,
Signature Office,
The Boulevard, Mid Valley City ,
Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur

LIKE them on Facebook at: fb.com/BluMedRistorantiBar