Okay this post was actually scheduled to be up 3 weeks ago!

But for some reason, it decided to go bonkers. So just imagine you are reading this like waaaayyyy before today.


You know how advertisements about universities always try to depict some form of "excellence" or "condusive study environment" and the like?

The usual pin-ups of students posing all-so-serious in the library, in the science lab or on the grass?


Looks like they weren't kidding.


Because here in Australia, it really is a real-life scenario


In Malaysia, to be honest, no one sits on the grass to study or even hang out.

Probably there will be a handful of white people doing so occasionally. But apart from that, people usually keep off our grass.


Not that there's anything wrong with our grass or that it is layered with pesticide or something.

It's just not our culture to sit on the grass – I presume. Most of us would just hang out at the uni cafe, uni lounge or even the library.


May the people who never had their asses on university grass before,

come sit and pose for an obligatory photo

Look ma, I'm sitting on the grass!

The university grass!


I gotta admit, we find it pretty queer to do that when there are plenty of vacant seats around.

But as they say – when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Australia, in this case.


During orientation break. Meet my new friend, Anne from Germany.

I can't pronounce her last name so just 'Anne' will do for now 🙂


Fellow Malaysians on exchange!

We were treated to a hot pancake breakfast, giant muffins and hot chocolate/coffee.

Hmm.. anything to make us feel welcome I guess? 🙂


At night, we all headed to the glorious Queen Victoria Market.

We were pretty lucky as it was summer when we arrived.



I hear that there was a night festival of food, culture and music ONLY during the summer nights.


It reminded of our 'pasar malam' back in Malaysia.

Our night markets often comprise food and cheap shopping


Here we are inside the night market!

Fellow exchange students from Malaysia, Canada, Germany and local Ozzies


I loved what I saw.

There were international food all over the place and so many things to buy!


Some form of Mediterranean food


A rather icky pig head on display.

If I didn't love meat so much, I'd turn vegan the moment I saw this photo


Okay here's a cute picture to erase any recollection of the pig head.



Apart from eating and shopping, we even sampled Yellow Tail wine!

Yup, there was a free tasting session. And I must say, it's pretty damn good.


There were many flavours, but I loved 3 of it only.

They are Moscato, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir


ommmnomnom wine.




The very next day!!

A short city tour – of which I have already explored in this post. Remember? 🙂


Excited exchange students from all over the world


Made some new friends, Lisa and Adam


Went to Federation Square and walked down some steps which I never knew existed beforehand!

Down down down to a scenic riverside bar.


Yarra River!


And the off to Chinatown for dinner!

Was pretty strange that I came all the way to Australia – to eat Asian food.


But hey, there were heaps!!

In most parts of the city or even suburbs like Glen Waverly or Boxhill, there are Asian food aplenty.


But when I'm here, I tend to avoid Asian food like the plague because it would feel so silly to eat something which I can easily have back home in Malaysia for a huge fraction of the price!! Like, one plate of noodles here would cost me 15 $AUD = 45 Ringgit Malaysia when I could pay 5 Ringgit Malaysia for the exact same thing.



After dinner, we chilled out at Emerald Peacock



It's a really pretty rooftop bar! 🙂

Now, if only the view wasn't blocked by so many high-rise buildings, it would be perfect.



With Lina. She bought me this drink! Ommnomnom


On my way back home. I bought a pie from PieFace for supper because I thought the waiter was cute as! And also because I was hungry duh


So! Orientation Week in Monash Clayton campus went pretty swell for the international students.

They made sure we are well-informed of the culture and how to get around town before we all seperated into our campuses.



(which reminds me, the last time I sat on the grass was when this photograph was taken)