There are just some weekends when you’d rather be tucking yourself away with the company of close ones sharing banters and conversations drinking with serenity, instead of getting downright wasted; chugging down scotch and bottles of beer all night with complete strangers.

I don’t know about you, but that epiphany has possibly dawned upon me one too many times.


Perhaps it’s the age catching up on me. No, wait. Scratch that. I still party like a rockstar.


Did that rooftop photo just catch your eye? How pretty is that helipad bar, right? Cool

I catapulted the sis and myself to no place other than Stratosphere @ The Roof one fine Saturday night.



Situated within close proximity, boasting an array of delicious cocktails, soothing my soul with deep house tracks and with a view to boot, it’s no wonder Stratosphere has topped my list of favorite rooftop bars this year.

This would be my 3rd time at The Roof so far. I attended the launch when it first opened for business and also spent New Year’s Eve here.


Yup, new year’s eve was indeed a pretty sight to behold.


  Patrons usually start pouring in to watch the sunset and stay on till dusk.


Because really, there isn’t anything quite as fancy as having a few drinks and mouthwatering canapes with the sun setting in the near horizon as you prep yourself for some serious partying come nightfall.


 Loving the connecting bridge and entrance to Stratosphere.

There are two ways to get up here: by elevator & by staircase. I usually take the latter.


 A word of caution to the ones afraid of heights. If you are acrophobic, you might experience some vertigo. 


 Just kidding. We’re fine! The sis does have, to slight degree, some fear of heights,

but she managed pretty well after some getting used to. Smile


At Stratosphere, patrons usually stand by the bar or the balcony to take in the beautiful panoramic view of the iridescent skyline as well as admire the flickering lights of the city and high-rise buildings.

But if you find yourself wanting to sit down at any point, do expect two kinds of seating. 


 The comfy garden lounge couches.


 The steel and woven high stools.


We opted to relax on the huge couches as it was quite a lazy day that evening.

A note to couples: here’s where you can lean back, get cuddly and comfy with each other!


There wasn’t a DJ present that night, but I totally dig the deep house playlist Stratosphere pre-set for us. Also loved the trippy display + laser lights. I can totally see myself zoning out here on a regular basis. 

Perfect place to take the word sky high very, very literally. Heh. Heh. Feeling Good

Sis dearest with the DJ booth and lasers in the background.


 The choice of drinks are endless.

Choose from scotch on the rocks (my usual). If you’d rather sip on champagne or a concoction of The Roof’s array of cocktails, the waiting staff would also be most obliged to serve you.

A side note: the waiters were so friendly and hospitable to us! Definitely earned some brownie points there.


 The sister and I had a good time catching up, chit-chatting

and discussed our after Saturday night after-midnight plans in the city.



Stratosphere was, however, a perfect prelude for our Saturday night shenanigans. Laughing

Here are some photos of this opulent rooftop bar and its cityscape surroundings, for you to marvel at:

Oh if you’re lucky and if the skies are clear, you’ll spot KLCC and KL Tower in the distance.


For no good reason whatsoever, here’s a blurry photo of us.


Once the clock hit 1am, we had to leave for our other plans to meet up with some friends in the city.

Oh well, till next time, Stratosphere! We’ll definitely be back. Cool


On your way out. An equally magnificent exit of a connecting bridge as you adjourn.


Shot on my way out. Goodnight, Stratosphere! Thanks for a lovely evening. 


This night will certainly be a night to remember. For that very night after we left Stratosphere and headed to the city, was the night I met you. At the right place and at the right time. T’was a beautiful encounter that I’ll never forget. 

But that’s another story. Wink



For more information or to make a reservation on Stratosphere @ The Roof,

Contact them at their phone line : +6012 691 0628

Drop by this address:

1 First Avenue Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Log on to their official website at:

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