Food. Like it or loathe it, you have to live with it.

Either live to eat, or eat to live

I, sadly, live to eat and it’ll pack on pounds before I can say, “Shiver my timbers”

It’s funny how fattening and super-ultra-mega-caloried foods are the ones that look the most appetizing

Check out the amount of condensed milk and oil (respectively) that are
being abundantly used in such delicacies

The fats and cream being the main ingredients

Or even simple delights that are laden with cheeeeeeeeese and cheeeeeeeeesepowder
Yes. It’s that much cheese powder
in the m
ushroom soup =P

Those *sigh* are the foodstuff my friends and I have been consuming recently.

It’s a sadsad situation
but I’m

Speaking of pretty food rich in calories, there isn’t much to do with it except to eat it.
 Don’t ever think of going on a diet because all you’ll ever get is hallucinations of delicious food dancing around in circles, gesturing wildly beckoning you to come closer.

This is healthy. But awfully huge too; as huge as my head.
As Dubby 

knows, my head is bigger than his. Literally and metaphorically

* wags tongue at Dubby*

Certain food hoever, can be hideous and unhealthy at the same time

Monkey brain-lookalike? I think I’ll pass
Even us humans, can be a source of food. Take Sweeney Todd for example. Human’s are made into the meat stuffings of Mrs. Lovertt’s  pies. To think that I was craving for pies as much as my bestie Joyce, I reckon I have officially lost my appetite for pies. Who knows? I might find a finger inside, just like the way little Toby did in Mrs. Lovertt’s kitchen.

Please spare us, Mrs. Lovertt. My boyfriend and I are to the mouth, nothing but pails of distasteful lard

Oh scratch that. We make good meals, dipped in fondue. =P

In a nutshell (see? Nuts are food too), if God can’t make you thin, ask Him to make the whole world fat

lol. I know this entire post is pretty random but yeah, I’m kinda whack at the moment.