It was a sunny Saturday afternoon while I made my way downtown for a delightful afternoon tea-party in the city.

When I received the invitation to attend this cosy afternoon, I was looking forward to it all week as it was an Appreciation Party hosted by PETRONAS to thank its VIPs, media buddies, sponsors, contest winners and other valued guests.

And everybody knows how the chain of Delicious restaurants lives up to its name in serving absolutely delicious food!


Excited for the afternoon celebration of food and fun! 


The girls and I with our goodie bags 


As I was one of the few early ones to arrive, I had the chance to take a quick tour around the vicinity of the restaurant, located at Dua Residency in KL City. 

It was my first time there! 



Delicious restaurant had a distinctively British and garden-like touch to it 

It was well-lit as the large floor-to-ceiling glass windows allowed plenty of sunshine into every corner of the room. The interior boasted several tree branches and incandescent lamps locked inside birdcages, which hung from the ceiling. 



I was glad PETRONAS chose this venue to throw its Appreciation Party! 

Had always been a fan of this white, pristine treasure house of well-made simple to elaborate dishes.


The stage set-up!


A warm and charismatic opening speech from one of the bigbosses of PETRONAS


He then officiated the event and beckoned us to enjoy our afternoon tea with everyone in the room :)


I gleefully hopped over to the long marble counter and joined the rest of the guests checking out the buffet of assorted pies, quiches, pasta, meatballs, salad and desserts. 

Guess what I brought back to my table?


Here's my selection!


Ready for some of the mouthwatering delights up close? :)

I managed to snap a few quick photographs of some of my favorite dishes that were served.


Beef meatballs!


Some pastries


Smoked salmon salad served in a spoon!


Desserts for the sweet tooths out there! 


Soon after our hearty meal, the emcee of the afternoon (with a brilliant American accent and a good sense of humour, no less!) interacted with the crowd and explained what else we were going to be expecting from the day's events.

He then introduced a special appearance of the celebrity contestants of the PETRONAS Switch for XTRA Road Challenge, their team members and a prize-giving session to the winners for the online contest.


Papi Zak warming up the crowd


For those not in the know, the PETRONAS Switch for XTRA Road Challenge is a series of challenges featuring 4 teams led by celebrities Awal Ashaari, Scha Alyahya, Faizal Ismail & popular blogger Hanis Zalikha. 

Each of them will be accompanied two team-mates and they will have to travel across Malaysia & compete in fun challenges which sees fans voting for their favorite contestants – based on the popularity of their web-episodes.

Here are the teams! 


Actress, model & TV host Scha Alyahya & her team


Actor & TV host Awal Ashaari & his team


Popular blogger Hanis Zalikha & her team


Host & HOTfm radio announcer Faizal Ismail & his team


If you are interested in following their adventures on the road and challenges, you can watch their webisodes on the Switch for XTRA Road Challenge at the Petronasbrands official Facebook Page *click*

The prize giving ceremony soon ensued, and lots of lucky winners went onstage to collect their cash prize. There were 15 of them altogether.


Papi Zak calling out the names of zealous fans :)


Oh wow. Lucky, lucky winners bagging themselves hefty cash prizes

just by being die-hard supporters & casting their votes! 


Photo opportunity with all the race participants!

(Am I the only one looking at the camera?)


Just as the day ended, I got to take a photo with both of my favorite celebrity contestants – Scha and Awal  If you didn't know, they are husband and wife but they will be competing against each other LOL

Good luck to the both of you!


I love their bubbly and jovial persona… both on-screen and off-screen! Too cute :D


Thank you PETRONAS, for a fun afternoon tea party :D

I had a good time, a good laugh and especially over good food. An afternoon well-spent indeed!