Am finally home with theboyfie!

After an 8 hour plane ride, I got out to the Arrivals Hall, and there I saw my Konzy!


At an instant, he ran to me with his arms wide open; I jumped in. And the rest was history 🙂


Shower of kisses! 😀 😀 Ima happy gurl


We grabbed lunch in the city and waited for the V-Line train to go home.

I'm still so NOT accustomed to the weather and climate yet! Hell of a difference 🙁 It was 32 °C when I left Malaysia and then when I touched down, the pilot said:


"Dear passengers on board, welcome to Melbourne. 

The local time is 10.30am and the temperature is 5°C"



To make things worse, a heavy downpour began; I was shivering despite the jacket & pillow Konzy brought for me.

So he suggested we drop by Gloria Jeans Coffee and got me my fave Hot Chocolate! 


Yay!!  Nice and warm inside 🙂


And when we finally got into the train, it was time to catch some snoozies.

But not after lots of cuddles of course! 


On the way home!


I could get used to this 🙂


Cold hands of mine. Sitting in front of the heater wearing extremely thick jackets yet still shivering.

Frost forming up against the window panes. Ice on tips of the grass.

A gentle but ice-cold breeze sweeps up as I opne the door.

This is all too familiar. :D



It felt so surreal, I swear.


Coming home to him and having his arms wrapped around me again.

Coming home to all my friends and we screamed and hugged and girltalked!

Coming home to so much laughter, fun and catching up!



Tears of joy rolled down my face when I entered the house I left 2 and a half months ago.


Kayla & Greg ran to open the door and we had a massive squeezefest!

Olivia banged Kon's room door and demanded I come out!

Laura walked into the house and widened her eyes and we dived into hugs!

Britt had a 5 second lag when she entered the house, staring at me in shock when I jumped

out at her, and THEN she reacted after those 5 seconds –


Like "OHMYGOD!! JESSJESS!" with her mouth wide open. Was so cute!

The rest Facebooked me in anticipation. I hope I see them tonight, if not tomororow or the day after! 😀 😀

Candid photo when I was sitting up on the kitchen counter!


My dosage of borderline racism on Asians. As always. Sigh.


My expression when I'm being Asian-stereotyped


I weel Kung-Fu you and kill your family with chopsticks!


Just like old times. It felt like I never left.

Well technically, I may have, but deep inside, I never did 🙂


I'd die happy from sugar overdose 😀 😀 😀


Watch out Aussieland! My September has just begun