Such monstrosity…. why do people get dressed in the dark??

The more I keep seeing this nonsensical dressings, the more I get agitated. Please, stay away from me! Stay inside your little lalaland and under the mushrooms.

Sandals with socks??? Are you fucking kidding me?

Your top is bright yellow screaming for unnecessary attention with your stockings jet black, completed with white shoes??? You even have a yellow sparkling sequinned hairband. What else can we say?

What do we have here now, little blue skipping hood?? Woman, you remind me of a kid, but I just noticed you already have a kid for goodness sake. Dress like an adult please. Your god-knows-what blue thing is puffy at the arse and makes your derriere resemble a curry puff!! The lacy leggings doesn’t help either.

And that’s not all, in my previous post here, I too, have highlighted my cries

I’m sorry.

In direct contrast with my previous post – I don’t feel whack and fun, I feel disgusted and critical.

ignore me at the moment.