My hiking trip has been a great one. Why, of course it would be! It should, should it not?
Surrounded by these awesome besties of mine!

They are such awesome people, oh, how can one live without thee…?
And they are such magnificent creatures made by God..
they also blessed my lives,
 o, how thankful thou art to have been bequeathed with their presence?


That’s your worship guys. Thank me at the Golden Globe Awards. *smirks*

Here are some of the piccies. It’s self-explanatory

Being me as always, I was up to mischief…. again.
Check em out!

(note that these two buggers are anonymous to me. So yes, it was spontaneous)

The rest are in my FaceB. Oh well, I’ll just upload a few more that you shouldn’t miss!

I hereby pronounce you man and dog

Stairway to heaven
(damn. That sounds lame)

Now, all you have to do here is to watch this picture carefully. Divert your attention to the background. Freaky, no? =0

Would somebody please tell me what I was doing? And no, I wasn’t tipsy

Thank you fellas for making my trip a blast!

That does it. I didn’t put in effort to go hiking just to end up eating this for breakfast immediately after.
What can be more repulsive?

It’s obese and fattychicken cooked in it’s own oils and lard!
Oh yes indeed. It’s freaking slimy to the mouth

In my previous posts, here , food can be a downright painful experience. Uh-huh

God bless those who eats these man-made disasters