If I ever participated in a walkathon this year, I reckon that this was it.


Oh, and before I begin.. this is FOR YA Benj dear!!!

The moment we reached PuduRaya bus station, we insisted that we were to only depend on our feet to ferry us around. So walking it is… more adventurous anyway. Reminds me of the enthusiastic backpack tourists from overseas – albeit the loud floral printed shirts and huge SLR cameras around our necks.


Our walking didn’t stop when we reached the destination, instead the velocity and scale of walking had increased tenfold. Particularly the shopaholic me.   

I could remember darting across one outlet to another and coming out with more shopping bags. KLCC was a never-ending shopping labyrinth and The Pavillion was absolutely gorgeous.

Christmas decors everywhere!!!!! Spread the joy of sharing & caring!


Ka-chings were heard over the counter whenever I was around. *gasp* Looks like I hardly even needed to bring anything along with me, as my shopping took care of all the clothes I needed. Namely, tops from MNG, Esprit, Paul Frank, Armani Exchange, Roxy, TopShop and I can’t remember the rest. Apart from that, I also purchased many uber cool earrings and gifts for my pals and Benj too.


Our walking clocked in 7 hours straight and we halted a cabbie to check out Petaling Street for more not-so-high-end shopping. Oh yes, the bargain palace. Looks like talking skills will come in handy here! I bought Benj and I some matching stuff and lots more gizmos. Benj decided to get me this matching key ring for our car keys – which I so love! *thanks sweetie.. mwah*

  As usual, the place was streaming with imitation designer goods. I never once batted an eyelid nor take more than a passing interest. Somehow, it’s just against my self-principles to purchase a counterfeit designer product and parade it proudly like it was genuine because I acknowledge the fact that I have not achieved that comfy financial status yet. I mean, who are they fooling? Wake up superficials– there are many who CAN tell the difference. People actually work their asses off to earn the means and yes, they are the ones who can afford and deserve to don these designer merchandise. A piece of advice? Don’t flaunt a rip-off to boost your phony ego.


Back at the hotel after hours of walking, we devoured some thosai as thought it was the last piece of edible material on planet earth. Emulating starved pigs perhaps? Haha

 We then camwhored the night away just before we ka-plunked to sleep

The next morning, (gahh I hate mornings) we covered Sungei Wang Plaza and Lot 10. More shopping madness – I bought lotsa graphic tees! Luvvem! Starhill was the absolute bomb. Period.

Bus Eleven (our feet, for those not in the know) took us around town and we did lotsa sight-seeing

    Kid lost in the big city?

Haha. Nah, she found her way and we dined in Planet Hollywood soon after




my mother has caught my viral infection of camwhoring!

Check this out!                            

Muahahaahahaahahaha. Now, I’ve got a new cam-whore partner! Benj shall be infected next! =P


Anyway, as I was saying *grins*

What happened next? Me, Mikey and Mum then got back to the hotel room to freshen up. Time to get ready forthe KayElle night scene with Mikey’s friends!

I’m proud to introduce you my mom.. she rocks and she’s the mother I own that will make you envy me.

****More pix in my faceB!


The next morning, we had to leave early lest the traffic jams will hinder our journey home.

Guess what I saw? Future Einstein in the making! Check out the KERAJINAN trait.



p.s – I think my hamstrings are having a mind of its own now. Gosh.