Now that my Langkawi Expedition is over, I then loyally followed mum back to Epo to visit my favourite Godmum, Uncle Mike, Gramps and Gramms. We headed straight to Canning Garden altogether only to find out that it was a coincidental combo of Cousin Sam and Aunt Mei Leng’s birthday.

Fantastic. No one told me.

Just before the Bee Movie

Sammie, Christy and I chatted for hours and ended up watching The Bee Movie. It was arguably nice to watch. However, like I’ve said before (and will say it again) I despise CGI cartoon animation.How did wonderful classics like The Lion King and Beauty & the Beast vanish? What, so now technology is too advanced for you to wield a pencil and a sketchbook to sit down and illustrate a character from a figment of your imagination? Wow. How I applaud technology with big, encouraging smiles. Uh-huh. The degree of how much little kids are missing out on goes a long way.

We then checked out each other’s songs and I found Bullet for my Valentine rather interesting. Evanescence and My Chemical Romance still rocks my socks though. It has rockish beats and it’s tainted with gothic emo. Ahh.. none can compare. I apologize to all those bubblegum pop fans out there for the previous statement.

Soon, songs turned into pictures and yes… what happened? Hahaha. Cam-whoring!

The birthday party was great with an (almost) balanced population of oldies and youths… oh, not to forget the in-betweens too. *grin* Jun Wai came and I got rather paranoid when he wanted to ‘play’ with my cellphone. Hmm… Anyway, this is Jun Wai. WITH. MY. BELOVED. CELLPHONE.

Cousins reunite!

On the way home, everyone was in euphoria checking out all the piccies that I’ve took of the entire party and suddenly, hell broke loose. Goddy flared up and hurled rather nasty words to us for cam-whoring. Woman, if all of us don’t cam-whore to take piccies of an occasion, how is anyone to remember the fond memories and laugh at it when we turn grey? I don’t think you’d even recall this occasion considering the fact that memory can be a challenge to people your age. Yes, that was nasty – but only because you were in the first place. Be nice.

Anyhow, I had a fabulous time with Sam & Christy. I guess the next time I’ll be meeting ya’ll will be Melbourne in 2010. Long way to go babes! Hugs & kisses.