All set and ready to go! She’s ever movin.. here and there! One minute back in Penang the other minute away outstation. This trip, it’s to KayElle with Benj –

. The journey was tiresome and boring but we recreated a whole new jolly atmosphere by laughing & playing around

LOL. You’ll probably see the rest with Benj. And of course, there are some of the niceys

We arrived safely *gulps* and were greeted by a familiar face – Jose!
What a babyragdoll hmm?

After ONLY less than an hour of rest, we headed straight to One Utama for some shopping. Here, there and everywhere! But looks like I have to put a -stop- sign on my wallet (due to my hazardous shopping activities last month) lest I become the next broke-to-the-core person.

Check out 1-U’s christmas decors: can it beat KLCC’s and Time Square’s?

Soon after, our tummies signaled dinner. Benj and I walked around scouting for a perfect place for our meal. p.s- My Benj being the dudu he is, walked into Chili’s and embarrassed himself by asking a silly question.

However, we did enjoy a fantabulous meal at Friday’s. That is THE understatement of the year.

For those who know me well, you’ll be surprised I said that.

We got home and ka-plunkked on the bed. Goodnight all.

The next morning at an unearthly hour, we had to wake up early to rush (via feet, cab and LRT) to the U.S Embassy to pick-up Benj’s visa. This fatfatfattenned-obese cow of a security guard was so darn stern that he yelled at a poor little kid for innocently taking a photo. She was so frightened and ran away! I hope you won’t get nightmares gurl.

We then hit Mid Valley for more shopping, good food and to meet up our friend Jean and her boyf Daniel. Waiting a good whole ONE HOUR in Sushi King for them got us pretty pissed in the beginning, but it was worth the wait. Glad we finally met up, guys!

All in the mood for Christmas!
Oh, and we were at the Pet’s world soon after. Check out these felines.
They look like they’re probably fed-up with what life has to offer. poor cats!

IKEA, Ikano Power Center and The Curve was the next stop and we ordered a dozen of their famous curry-puffs for supper and breakfast tomorrow. Saw more pretty fascinating sights too!

wow. home. mine. future. must!

*screeches to a halt* WAIT! this reminds me of my dudu silly boo –
Exhibit A : A wooden model
of Hubby

Had some yummy home-cooked dinner by Benj’s aunt and now he’s beside me waiting for his turn to ElleJay. Aight,gonna go bounce now! Need to shower

It’s a one-way ticket to Penang tomorrow!
Had a great time with ya boo~