After many trips, I’m finally home! Well, technically yeah, cos’ I’m in Benj’s house now and it’s always home to me.

Our trip back wasn’t exactly a smooth one. *gasp* Nuh-uh.. nothing BAD happened, no catastrophe whatsoever. It was just a flat tyre.

Wasn’t exactly flat as in FLAT; more of inadequate air

And yeah, countless stops for snacks. Seriously, why don’t people actually learn how to change their tyres? Is it something to be taken for granted of? Dudes, you’re all expected to know how to change a tyre and babes, you ain’t exempted. Something so basic ought to be learned. Maybe I should ask someone to teach me. Offers? =P

We waited and waited for the PLUS peeps to come to our ‘rescue’. My snacks sinfully evolved from fruits to potato chips. (inset) Look at what’s in my hand!! Arggh! Caught red handed
Well, thanks to you darling! If I hadn’t bought them for you as per your request, I wouldn’t have to eat even one of it!!!!! *giggles*

So yeah, you guessed it. We had someone to do it for us


On second thought – it was only 5bucks. Might as well get someone to do it.

Anyhow, we detoured to Ipoh and Goddy wanted to treat us all for lunch, but it didn’t materialize. Perhaps, Benj’s mum didn’t wanna impose – especially during lunchtime. Oh well, there’s always a next time! We headed to Tambun instead. No seafood dinner though. Too early… waaay too early. Lunch? Will do
Oh! Look! Look! That’s my dearie caught in action!! Woww look at your amount per serving you glutton!!! Heehehee.. loveyaaaa =P

For the record, the squids were great. Uuus-cah!

We got home… full to the brim. Well, at least, I was. Don’t know about ya darling! You’re probably sneaking some food in your closet for later

Aightey, I’m back.. for now. Come Friday, and I’ll be on the wheels again!