Good morning dearies! 

It's already the month of July and if you didn't already know the magic behind the brand new & improved bottle of the Hennessy V.S.O.P, this is it.


Lo and behold! 

Check out the all-new Hennessy VSOP bottle ostentatiously displayed behind me


I was invited to witness the launch of the new Hennessy VSOP bottle recently and I must say, it was superbly celebrated with such grandeur!

Hennessy certainly knows how to make their drinkers happy :D


Very.very happy. I meant 


The legend of Hennessy VSOP began on 7th October 1917, when future King George IV of England requested for a special cognac, particularly a "very superior old pale" of sort; the rest, is history!

For nearly 2 centuries, Hennessy VSOP's personality & exquisite taste remains unchanged


Though it is impossible to take a photo with the late King George IV, here I am with a poster of him!

He's the one who began the legend of the world's #1 cognac 


Such an iconic cognac ought to be presented in a bottle as elegant and generous as its content, no? 

Hence, to accentuate those features, the Hennessy VSOP cognac bottle was placed in the hands of American designer Chris Bangle to modernize & redesign it it 


Work in progress!


Check out this amazing video on Chris Bangle's masterpiece in the process of being designed

Watch him speak of his experience in designing this work of art 



I loved this video; looped it a few times even! 

It showcases the new features he added to the Hennessy VSOP bottle too


Let me recap the new improvements he worked on 

So as you know by now, Chris Bangle gave the Hennessy VSOP cognac bottle some key changes:


1. Accentuated the curve in the side of the bottle (by less than 1mm); reinforcing

the dynamic of its silhouette

2. Gave the bottle a thicker base to resemble a pedestal; distinguishing the whole & to stabilize it

3. Added a hollow bottom to the bottle for easier handling


4. Lengthened the bottle's neck & straightened its shoulders


5. Drew 2 lines of perspectives in the glass around the central label

6. Engraved the legendary arm & axe of the Hennessy family into the glass iself


7. Revised the choice of paper & color for the labels – with dark grey & golden embossing,

shimmering gloss imprinted with clusters of grapes & vine leaves in the background to

represent the cognac's origins


Well done, Mr. Bangle! Such an impressive masterpiece.


Coming from an established designer experienced in the automobile industry – namely BMWs, Rolls Royce & Mini Coopers –  he certainly did a marvellous job on his 1st attempt at something out of the ordinary!

So there you have it.


Congratulations on your beautifully redesigned new bottle, Hennessy! 

May your legend live on! 


I personally got to admire this classy new bottle in the flesh.

So gorgeous, if I do say so myself! 


By the way, Hennessy VSOP cognac's box/packaging also underwent a sophisticated new facelift 


For more details & updates, log on to Hennessy Malaysia's Facebook page and show them some love!