I know, I know! Don't chastise me. This blogpost is late, tell me something I don't know LOL 

Many of you have been asking me about my Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Great Britain post.


Nadia & I at the official photowall, flanked by the usherettes


Guests and A-listers were in for a treat once again, at Johnnie Walker's VIP race party, as they threw their signature Black Circuit Lounge event – with a distinctly British twist this time!

I was excited to be flown to Penang again to attend Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Great Britain :D

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The flight was pleasant, with a slight turbulence but it felt like I traversed two different universes altogether.

I was sweating buckets whilst boarding the plane from KL due to its sweltering heatwave, blistering sun and humidity. But as I alighted the plane 45 minutes later in Penang, it was unbelievably, very cold as the heavy downpour soaked our backs and shoes :/


That's Malaysian weather for you. Unpredictable. Tsktsktsk. 

Anyway, no matter. I was buzzing with excitement for tonight nonetheless! :D:D


Arriving Penang International Airport & met the chauffeur.


As the dress code for tonight's event was 'British Glamour' I wanted to (as always!) stick as closely to the theme as possible. The event was aptly held simultaneously during the London Olympics hype as well!

So after some research…


I came dressed in a velvet red bowler hat, a trenchcoat, a classy long asymmetrical dress,

dark blue nailpolish, two floral rings, laced-up boots & a Union Jack handbag


Hope that worked! :D

We were treated to international & local cuisine during the buffet dinner at Gurney Hotel.


Here are some of the dishes at the buffet spread!


There was also a carving station for grilled meat. Hello chefs!


After a fulfilling meal, guests were driven to Penang Turf Club – a historical racecourse built by the British – where the party was at.  

I was quite thrilled to see how the equestrian club as transformed into a party scene just for one night!


This way please


As expected, there were door greeters dressed as traditional London royal palace guards.

Men in uniforms never fail to make an impression on me. Hubba-hubba! 




Took some piccies at the Johnnie Walker photowall with some friends! 

Bumped into buddy Ren at the entrance


One of the many suave ushers of the party


Whilst mingling at the entrance, I was asked to speak in front of the camera for the video footage of the event. I think I spoke about what I thought of the event thus far, what I see/feel and what I'm expecting from the party by the end of the night! :D


Yadda yadda I go for the camera :P



Jessicat wears : Beige asymmetrical dress & Union Jack handbag from online stores |

Accessories by Diva | Velvet Bowler Hat in red by Deeper & Harder | Boots from a bazaar in Australia


Stepping inside the Black Circuit, I caught sight of many Formula 1 related merchandise, ones by their corporate partners McLaren Mercedes & Vodafone to be exact. 


Some of the stuff on display!


Being essentially a race party, there were F1 racing sound effects accompanying us along the corridor.

With every step I took, sharp-but-not-too-piercing sounds of BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! VROOOOOOOOOOM! of race-cars followed thereafter.


Watch out! The race-cars are hot on your heels!


Finally made my way into the arena.

It was really huge, quite an elaborately decorated interior & was already packed with guests!


The color scheme of the lighting changed periodically from almost all the colours of the rainbow!


The walls were also plastered with interesting visuals of Great Britain and its landmarks


Photobooths were in abundance everywhere.

This is just one of them –


Photoception. Took a photo of the photobooth taking a photo of me taking a photo of this moment LOL


Bumped into buddy Minny whilst I was inside.

She was working as one of the usherettes for the event and collected my signature to Join the Pact.


Minny & I 


Join the Pact? What's that?

As Johnnie Walker advocates responsible drinking, their worldwide social initiative was built around the message of : Winners Always Stay in Control.

Consumers were encouraged to pledge their signatures to Join the Pact to Never Drink & Drive. 


I've given my pledge!  :D


Kenny & I have JOINED THE PACT – what about you? Never Drink and Drive

because Winners Always Stay in Control 


Getting my drinks at the bar. Johnnie Walker's wide variety of cocktails surely kept me coming back for more


Kenny, Hui Wen and I at our table


Cindy & I. She kept getting more and more cocktails even before I could finish mine! 


Ringo & I. Cheers!


After a while, I found out that I had missed DJ DIrect's set. He came all the way from the USA and I didn't get to watch him? ;(

Nnnnnnooooooooooooo! S'alright, I guess. Bet he got the partyball rolling pretty well 


DJane Geri on the decks


I managed to party to homegrown Malaysian spin artist DJane Geri.

One of our rising female DJs in the country elevated our moods with popular electro and hip hop tracks.


Spin it, babeh! :D


She posed for the camera when I snapped! :D


After DJane Geri's set, it was time for Taiwanese DJ RayRay.

She spun herself into the music scene when she was only 15 years old. Not bad! 


Today, she is one of Taiwan's most popular DJs


London-themed visuals flashed across the backdrop screen as she tore up the dancefloor


Tonight, she dropped a mix of old skool, funk, disco & electro tracks


Cindy, Jane, Ringo & I. We girls enjoyed DJ RayRay's set! 


Charles and I by the bar


Adjacent to my table was David, one of my friends from Penang, along with Sheena & Michelle :)


Buddy Kate came by my table to say hi! 


Eclectic stage dancers entertained us with their sexy dance routines


Bumped into more homies from Penang!


One of the reasons why I love attending parties back on my little island

– my schoolmates and the people I grew up with!


Jason and I with our drinks


Before I knew it, popular Taiwan-based emcee, MC Royal came over & made a toast with me and we chugged our smooth, fine Black Label whiskey.

He then challenged me to a three second slug of the bottle – to which, I had no problems with.

I upstaged his challenge at 5 seconds! :D



Over the years, slugging directly from the bottle has become quite a routine for me at parties.

I am notorious with my drinks like that. Heh.heh.heh:P:P



But ever since I've joined the pact at the previous Johnnie Walker Black Label Circuit party, I only skull my drinks neat when I AM NOT THE DESIGNATED DRIVER.

Always stay safe on the road, peeps! 


Apart from hard liquor, I fancy my exotic cocktails as well. Extra points if I've not heard/tasted it before 

This time round, I was served British tea-inspired whiskey cocktails 


Johnnie Walker mixologist Josh Ivanovic showed me how it was intricately done


Fusing the powerful, bold flavours of Johnnie Walker Black Label with the sweet, aromatic taste of tea, it was the best of both worlds in my glass.

The method of preparation was complex and was served in style!


This gave me an excellent idea for a unique tea party. Teehee! :D


When the lighting changed into bright golden yellow beams and the visuals warped from Johnnie Walker Black Label montages to animated graphics of Johnnie Walker Gold Label 




Johnnie Walker models paraded onstage with the Gold Label and sparklers fizzled & gleamed from the top of the bottles they had in their hands. 

This was probably the apex of the night! :D



Shiny golden confetti soon burst out and cloaked the arena with shimmery gold!

I was practically covered in them, my bag and drinks included LOL


See what I mean? haha! :D


Jane and I when the confetti showers were ongoing


Behold, the dazzling, extravagant Johnnie Walker Gold Label in all its glory


Hui Wen and I sipping on our Johnnie Walker Gold Labels

(Yes I know I look a tad buzzed & flushed by now. It was 2AM already mind you! LOL)


Leng Yein jiejie and I by the bar 


To save the best for last, headlining act DJ Benji Boko was flown in all the way from the United Kingdom to raise the temperature of the party even further!

He was dropping us some nasty, booming tracks from a decidedly British set list!


Instantly recognizable with his huge Afro & his monkey alter-ego,

Benji Boko certainly injected heaps of fun to party


Don't stop the music, Benji! 



Check out the video of the night! (You can spot me at 0.23secs & 1.56secs whee!)


We partied till the wee hours of the morning – which ended with a bang!

It was truly wonderful to have reunited and partied with so many of my long lost friends, friends from the industry and of course, made many new ones too 


Friends friends friends… everywhere! What's a party without good company of your buddies? :D


Thank you for a marvellous and a very "English" weekend! I enjoyed the party to the core 

See you at the next Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge party!