Keeping fit and staying healthy whilst always on the move has always been my way of life.

I'm so glad that many of you have told me how you were influenced by my daily routines. Being able to positively influence my readers towards my goals of staying fit & healthy is yet another achievement altogether!


My recent stint at Fitology in Bangsar!


As a health junkie & a fitness advocate, I'm always sharing my healthy bites from my very own kitchen or wherever I dine at as well as sharing my gym activities & progress on my Facebook feeds & Twitter

Today, imma share my complete 360° fitness programme at Fitology, which is located in Bangsar.


Fitology. Designed to give us a 360° fitness experience

Take my hand, and let me bring you on a visual tour of Fitology through my eyes!

I arrived the vicinity at 4pm and guess what's the 1st thing I did? 😛


Check-in on Foursquare! 😛 😛


I checked out the place before I began my session.

Fitology boasts a very spacious, brightly lit and most importantly, well-equipped training zones.


The first wealth is health!

Always remember that, dearies 


Just some of the machines you will need for your 30 minute cross-fit training!

I shall introduce you to them later and how they will help you work your body 😀


This is another zone where the training is conducted.

As you can see from the mats and wall mirrors, floor exercises, core muscle workout,

free weights, flexibility & stretching are conducted here!


Prior to the session, I was given a short Q&A form to fill in.

This is important so your trainer can gauge your fitness level and target certain areas 



Roaring with enthusiasm, I couldn't wait to begin right away! Let it roll! 


I was given a short briefing & overview of my training before I began. 

This is my trainer for today. :D

Meet Jason. He's sucha nice and patient dude!


Jason pointed to the iPod on the counter and asked me if I wanted music to accompany my workout.

But of course! Music gets me going; especially in a fitness routine :D


I turned the volume up and selected Laidback Luke's tracks.

I'm ready for this! Hey ho.. let's go! 


Let's get our body pumping more oxygen to our muscles & heart rate up first, shall we? 😀



Warm ups are very important to make sure our bodies are gradually coordinated and ready for increased demands of exercise and it reduces the risk of pain & injuries too. 

So never, EVER skip out on your warm up session for it helps you to prepare your body physically & mentally for workouts!


First up! Jason instructed me to the…

Rope Machine


This machine targets the biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest and back muscles!

It requires a certain amount of constant strength.

But nothing you can't do, I'm sure of it ;)


Once you pick up the momentum, it's pretty easy

Imagine you're falling off a cliff, okay? So just keep pulling the never-ending rope! :D


Jason very patiently guided me to straighten my back & keep my head up whilst working out

He kept me going at a regular pace, not forgetting to inhale & exhale too!


Once that's done, I drained the waterbottle provided at the counter and proceeded with the next workout.



Jason showing me the correct way of fastening the belt on to your waist


You will need to strap & buckle yourself up to ensure the ladder keeps coming at a certain rate (depending on how fast you climb or how high you climb till) and for reading on the machine to stay correct.


I'm all strapped up!


Climb! Climb! Climb the ladder with never-ending steps! 


Just keep going. Don't look back.

If you start to feel tired, imagine you're trying to climb away from a vicious monster behind you LOL


This machine wore me out pretty quickly. 

Phew! I felt like a hamster on a hamster wheel


Throughout the workout, Jason was right by my side to keep me going!


Throughout all my years of working out at the gym, I never believed in having a Personal Trainer

I've picked up some skills along the way & have always worked out efficiently myself.



But at Fitology, it isn't like the usual gym routines of 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 nor sets and reps.

This is where you actually NEED a personal trainer by your side to ensure your workout is tailor-made for you and your body's needs. Your trainer is there to give each and every individual different workouts according to their fitness level or their goals.


On to the Water Rower


I've seen these equipments in the gym but never bothered to use it. 

Probably 'cos I don't know the correct way. But now I do 😀


The rowing strokes uses a vast majority of muscles!  Here, let me show you :


We're putting all these muscles to good use! 😀


Row row row away!


Bumped into buddy Joanne while she was on the Water Rower too

Keep it up, hun! 


I took a good gulp of water and continued taking Jason's lead.

We proceeded to the Ab Coaster!


Why hello there, Ab Coaster. You and I shall be fast friends.


Jason showed me how I should 

pull my lower torso up using my abdominal muscles slowly but steadily


With every pull, I feel the burn. 

Loving it to the maximum! 


Yup, that's right.


Focus. Focus. Focus.

And keep it going. That is key! 


Just a few more crunches! Mad love for the sweat trickling down my forehead


The final equipment on my programme today. The Arc Trainer!

It may look like the usual elliptical machines in the gym but there's a huge difference, if you didn't know.


This is the Cybex Arc Trainer; similar but yet very different from a elliptical machine


Although both the machines work for cardio and the lower body, the Arc Trainer's foot plates move in a very different path compared to the elliptical machine.

Take a look at this :


According to Dr. Paul Juris of Cybex International, which developed the first arc trainer, 

the difference between the machine and an elliptical is that the arc trainer's footplates move in an arc pattern. 

An elliptical machine's foot plates rotate in an ellipse pattern. 

The idea behind the arc pattern is that the movement is comparable with the 

elliptical's but requires less movement.

This allows for less stress in the knees and hips, while increasing cardiovascular endurance.



Tiring! But so worth the panting and perspiration!


Keep it going at a regular pace. 

This machine works not just your lower body but your upper body as well.

Now that I'm pretty much acquainted with all the machines in the room, it's time for Round #2



Are we ready? What's left of my energy was fueled by the zest I have to keep going. 

So.. let's do it! 


Rope Machine… PULL PULL PULL until Jason says stop!

With the sheer determination and the drive to finish it till the end… this proves no problem.


Ab Coaster! Crunchtime baby! 


My favorite (and also the toughest)… the Jacobs Ladder! 

Climb the highest mountain… and be proud of it, for the steps never stop coming down


After a few rounds of cross-fit fitness training for 30 minutes in total, it was time to proceed to the 2nd part of the Fitology 360° experience.


2. Detox.

This is how you burn calories passively!


I was ushered to my own private room where the Far-Infrared (FIR) Sauna machine was


Me inside the FIR Sauna. I've never sweat this much whilst practically not doing anything!

See the giant bottle of water? I was told to finish every last drop for water replenishment 🙂


The FIR sauna machine doesn't only rid your body of excess toxins and stimulates the body's metabolic process to burn calories!

Apart from that, it strengthens your immune system and rejuvenates your skin 



I sat inside the FIR Sauna machine and read a few fitness magazines that were provided and even had time to surf around on my phone. I was sweating buckets from doing…. nothing. LOL.

What a great way to burn calories, ey? 😀


Third stage!!


3. Nourishment

I was given a choice of smoothies and I chose the fat-burning one!


So delicious! It tasted of strawberries. 


This step is crucial to replenish the lost nutrients & fluids, as well as refuel the body with antioxidants

It aids digestion and gives our immune system a boost too:D


Final stage (and should I say the best part? 😛 )


4. Sports Therapy

One hour full body massage! Just exactly what I need after a good, powerful workout.


I totally live for massages 

I frequent massage parlours pretty often, but hardly any target the right muscles like Fitology's masseuse does


She was just THAT good… and friendly too! :D

We befriended each other and I had some good laughter through the funny stories we exchanged whilst having a kick-ass massage that aids in post-exercise recovery. What could be better? 


Kneading all my tired muscles. Thank you so much, it feels great!

I expected to be sluggish after today but nope, I got right back on my feet and felt so refreshed


After less than 3 hours, I was done with my complete 360° Fitology experience!

I'm dead sure I've burnt more calories than I ever did in my regular 3 hour session at the gym each time.


It's a wholesome workout! 


For someone who has been actively working out for the past few years, my advice to you is to NEVER look at your workouts as a chore. 

I want you to enjoy it, feel it and reap the benefits from all that discipline.


How do you get a trim, lean, firm & fit body? 

Simple. It's pure hard work and determination.

And no starving required 

You could join Fitology for an overall fitness experience, while you're at it. 


For non-members (walk in customers), you pay RM200

But if you sign up as a member, you only pay RM110 for the full experience!


I find this concept extremely unique and a one-stop all-in-one fitness center.

30 minutes of professional fitness training + 30 minutes of FIR sauna + health smoothie + sports massage. Is all you need to achieve your health & fitness goals! The calories burnt in one short, compact Fitology 360° session outweighs any others 



Also, one more important thing. I believe wholeheartedly that fitness routines and working out should not be limited to plump, fat, overweight or obese (whichever is the politically/socially correct term LOL).


Why must one wait to grow that big before deciding to turn up their fitness dial?


I for one, definitely advocate maintaining fitness and keeping an active, healthy lifestyle despite being fat or thin.

I can safely say that I'm probably not fat NOW, but I COULD be, if I do not start being fit now, right?


As a fitness junkie, I strongly recommend Fitology to be incorporated in your fitness routines! 


Check them out & contact them to undergo a complete 360° fitness experience at Fitology! :D

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