Imagine eating your favorite choices of food in the dark, or just with your eyes closed. Easy, you say.

Now, imagine yourself NOT KNOWING what food has been served to you… while eating it in the dark.



You can't see your fork & spoon. You have no idea where your drinks are.

You smell something delicious, but can't quite discern what the food on your plate is.

Is it soup? Could the main course be chicken? Pasta, maybe?

This might be ice-cream. Or is this a potato? Wait, was that pastry I just ate?


Not so easy anymore, is it? Yeah, I thought so .

On the exterior, it looks just like any other restaurant but the interior comes with a twist – blanketed in total darkness.


At the entrance of Werner's TEN on Changkat.

Just before entering the premises


I brought Konzy along with me as my date for the evening


Upon stepping foot into the dining area, I was required to deposit my gadgets and basically anything that lights up, into a safety deposit box.

I felt so odd being away from my iPhone as this means I am unable to post live updates to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook nor take any photos! Yeah, the social media fanatic in me cries in vain.

But I relented, as having any light in my possession will defeat the purpose of this dining in the dark concept.


This was what I saw the entire time. Not even joking.


As I walked in, I was led by a visually impaired guide who had me put my hand on his shoulder (ala human train).

I knew exactly what 'the blind leading the blind' felt like at that very point.



Pretty unnecessary to even dress up, come to think of it. 

But this was what I wore that night.


Jessicat wears: Tube top in Black by MNG | Denim jacket – a gift from mom! |

Chained leaf necklace by Nichi | Supernova tote bag in Raspberry Sorbet by Burberry |

High-waisted leopard-print skirt by Cotton On | Peep-toe platform booties in Grey


I could also just come draped in nothing but a towels with face-mask on and cucumber slices on my eyes.

Since, after all, nobody can see me in the dark. It's almost like a blind date – only very literally!


So my guide successfully led me to my seat – don't ask me how he did it. I wanna know just as much LOL

I sat down and all I could feel was the rounded edges of my table and my cushioned chair.



A waiter came and I could hear him pouring me a drink that I assumed was water.


Cautiously, I ran my hands all over the table for that glass of water in question, lest I knock it over by accident.

As though having my careful movements well figured out, the waiter personally passed me that glass by hand.


The surprise menu fit for fine dining was thoughtfully designed and carefully prepared so that it was bite-sized with no knives required (lest we cut ourselves!). 

The four course meal didn't only consist of four meals.

Each course came with at least three to four varying types/flavours that gave my palate a wonderful experience and my mind an exciting challenge trying to recognize what I'm eating!

It was so fun trying to identify and debate what was on our plates together based entirely ONLY on the smell, the taste and the texture of the food.

Definitely no awkward silence during dinner – a plus point! 


I experienced a heightened sensation, powered by my tastebuds alone.

Wow, now that's a first!


I wish I had photos of the food to show you, like all my other food/restaurant reviews.

But alas, no gadgets were allowed inside! Besides, I wouldn't want to SHOW YOU what you won't be able to see, right? Definitely not going to spoil the enlightening experience for youwink


The optic nerve is overridden, giving way to your other senses to take over.

Every sound, every movement, every taste, every breath is an adventure!



After dinner, I left the dining area feeling more than satiated.

The food was delicious! Apart from the whole new adventure I've just experienced first-hand, the food came in an excellent variety and the portion was just right. yes


A restaurant in total darkness. A completely new sensory experience. Go on.. try it! I dare you to.

DINING in the DARK KL, the very first of such restaurant in Malaysia.


I'm done! Hung out after dinner with Sascha and Clementine.


Definitely a place worthy of a second visit, or a third. Thumbs up!

Location . Address :

Dining In The Dark KL

44A-46A, Changkat Bukit Bintang,

50200 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact . Phone number:

+603-2110 0431 or +6012-251 5797 (call for reservations) 

You can also look up Dining in the Dark KL on:

Their official Facebook page and Twitter page.


Have fun! And don't bump your head while you're at it