There's a burglar in my room! HELP! He's going to rob me of my laundry! *feigns horror*


To be honest, when Todd entered the room earlier to give me a fright, I did jump outta my wits


Probably recalling the shitty moment when my house was robbed when I was only 16.

Those burglars did look like that.


Anyway! If you've checked this post out, yall would already know what I wore for this costume party 🙂

For those who didn't, here it is –


Hi there! 😀 I'm Jessie, the one-half of the dynamic duo from Team Rocket


This is James, my other half.. and together we form Team Rocket!


When we were pre-drinking in South Rec Hall before the party, it was awesome to see most of our friends all dressed up already.

Below is Team Rocket Jessie & James X Ninja Turtle Deanna!


I superlove this photo because of the photobombers behind us 😀 😀

Do you see them? Cute max!


A masked phantom X Esmeralda from Hunchback of Notredame X Jessie of Team Rocket X a pirate!

We had fun fooling around in the rec hall while getting smashed at the same time


A ballerina X Jessie of Team Rocket

(watch this ballerina, she will transform into a leopard later)

Here with buddy Cleefy as Yogi Bear!

Or rather, paedobear as some of us teased him with 😛 😛


Alex the Identity Crisis (white guy trying to be black) and I

Check out those silver plated teeth! Coolies


With Bardha as Belle of Beauty and the Beast

Except that this belle wears a mask!


So we skulled our drinks and left for the party when it started kickin' in.

When we got there, it was time for some shiznit… as the party only begins when we rock up! 😛 😛


Are you readdddyyyyy!?


Remember the ballerina whom I told u would transform into a leopard? There you go.

A leopard X an identity crisis X Jessie of Team Rocket X Soviet (USSR) officer!


Team Rocket X Laura the pirate! (and Rowan in some yellow monkey pyjamas LOL)


More fun shots with ma party peeps! 🙂


This Catholic nun reminds me that I should probably go to church more often 😛


Masked rider Zoro X Team Rocket!


We hit the dance floor and danced like there was no tomorrow!


I had lots of fun camwhoring with all my friends – especially the ones who dressed up as something! – and even random people I didn't know. Oh well, alcohol and parties are definitely the social lube of everything.

So it's all good! 😀


When I spot someone in a cool costume, I'd point at them and grin

… camwhoring then comes naturally like clockwork!


Who is this? He looked pretty cool that night.


Doesn't matter because it works both ways; lots of people came forward to take pictures with us too!

Our moment of pride was when people whom we don't know, yell from afar, "OMG IT'S TEAM ROCKET! LOOK!" 😀



Whoopeedoo! At least the money we spent and the effort we took proved to be worthwhile.

More picture-taking with more people in cool costumes!


Mario Bros X Team Rocket


Yogi Bear X Team Rocket


another redhead (what character is this?) X Wonderwoman X Team Rocket


So technically, everyone was camwhoring with everyone!


But here's the BEST costume – I dare say – on a guy tonight.

Wait for it! *drumroll*


Now who's your sexxaayy mama?

😛 Cross-dresses always rock costume parties!



More piccies with my gurls! 😀 😀



Do you see my friend Daniel as Buzz Lightyear & Tarryn as a hot pirate in black? 😀 😀

Oh and Verity went as a Pilot! Man… she was a wasted nut that night!


It was really new to see her collapsing all over the floor and scrambling on the table!

Whatever she smoked, gimme some of that too! 😛 It's gotta be intense, I bet


With Josh and Alex!

I'm diggin' that new Japanese koi tattoo on him, don't know if its real though.


I don't recall seeing it on his arm prior to this party!

Or maybe I could be too wasted to notice, who knows? 😉


Us taking the stage to parrrrrtayyy!


And after all that fun and drinks, I suddenly needed to pee.

Not that you needed to know that lil piece of information but whatevs, now you do. 😛


I found an Avatar na'vi in the bathroom!

Take #1


And since the bathroom lighting was so pretty, #Take 2! 😀 😀


Came out from the bathroom, and Varun dressed as Varun wanted a piccie with us 😀


After all that sweat and energy-pumpin' tracks, it can get real hot and stuffy wearing the wig!

I remember sweating buckets underneath it, but couldn't be bothered to take it off, where do I put it? 🙁


So it's a good idea to get rid of all your hair and shave your head for a cause, Laura 🙂

And turn up in an army camouflage outfit. How smart!



More piccies taken at the deck where it's cold and windy!


much love!


Also, the deck is where our favorite security guard, Antonio was standing!

He's one helluva security guard Unlike other security guards.. especially the creepy, perverse ones in Malaysia!


Super-blinding reflective security guard X Team Rocket


Remember Yogi Bear in the beginning of this blogpost?

Give him a lil squeeze, for it's BEAR HUGS TIME!!


Alrightey! Last piccie of the night before we – in our current state – drag ourselves back home.

Sometimes I wish I could just sleep there and then, not having to walk back the lonnnnngggg way home.


But then again, my long walks home are often very, very nice




More? Bring it on!

I hear Toga party is on after Easter Break, unleash the Caligulas, Romans and Greeks!