This whole blogpost will be in purple as it is my bestfriend's favorite colour! (but 2 lines of red, 'cos it's MY fave color :P)

Okay, I officially spent 3 hours recording, drawing, talking, singing, jumping & editing a birthday VLog for bestie Joyce 🙂


A reunion shot back in Penang; after years of separation!


I'm affirmative that if you've been following my blog since my college days, ya'll would know who she is.

Here goes my present!



Sorry I may not be as good in singing as you (I hope I didn't break your glass windows) but whatever!

Still a special something from me to you 😛


I can also still remember the surprise birthday call you gave me at sharp 12am midnight on my last birthday, also, the birthday that you bought me that tight black corset top of which I still love wearing, the e-card you sent me, the birthday where I smashed your face in the cake & all the birthdays after college years that we spent apart…


because you went to London, UK to study and I went to Melbourne, Australia.


Happy 23rd Birthday, babe!

I love you always, through all rollercoaster rides in life, unconditionally! 🙂


For those who are reading this blogpost, PLEEEASEE drop her your Birthday wishes here for me too!

😀 😀 😀