Good Friday and Easter Sunday has always just been a memorable occasion for me.

Well, we get public hollies and commemorate the resurrection of Christ. What's not to love?


But the whole idea of Easter Bunnies & chocolate eggs never really got to me


Until I landed in Australia, for my first ever REAL Easter.

Back on University rez, we even had an Easter Egg Hunt game! Anyway, for the week-long Easter Break, I decided to fly to Sydney to sight-see and pay a my extended family a visit 🙂


And I'm thankful I came; for they gave me the best Easter ever!


Chilling with couzzies Sam and Nick before dinner


Thanks for picking me up at the city, Krizzy! 🙂


I was taken away when I first entered their house.

It's beautiful! Have I ever mentioned that I love the architecture and layout of houses in Australia? I've been into some 7 houses now, and it's really different from the ones back in Malaysia.


Anyway, spotted a pretty candle holder hanging on the wall!


People here actually celebrate Easter.

Most of my friends here were busy with their own family Easter dinners today as well.


I simply adore Lindt's Easter Bunny chocolates! 😀


On to the foodsies! Prepare for noms ahead.

Not for the hungry 😛 I was amazed how we managed to stuff ALL the dishes into our tummies


But first, some appetizers & tid-bits before dinner!

Nachos, chick peas, feta cheese, pistachios, cookies and more


"Did I hear food? Can I come in too, pretty please?"


Dinnertime begins!

We were all helping out with the preparation and plating the food on the dining table


Caesar Salad!


Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni!


More cheese! Popped it into the oven again LOLOL


Potato Au Gratin bake!


Roast Lamb!


Roast Pork!


My uncles took to carving of the roast meat

Yay! And then its time to drizzle the gravy all over



Easy now, slicing & cutting up the pieces of the pork chunk by chunk


Devour the scrumptious delights before they are all gone too soon!

Coincidentally, the 3 of us were wearing black tonight


On the dinner table with couzzies Adie & Krizzy


Here's my platter

Looks rather messy but who gives a !@#$%? Let's eat!


Eating medinner! Want some?

It was a fabulous home-cooked meal… without a doubt!


After dinner, we gathered at another table to chill and catch up 🙂

T'was so nice to rekindle with all my aunts and uncles again after quite some time.


We downed a few shots and neat drinks over our chitchats too

That's the way our family roll, no pansiefansie mixers – nadah! ;)


Oh, how I love gathering together and reminiscing lotsa old-times!


Yes. I'm talking to you :P:P



After a few hours, it was time for  yummy cake!

Aunt Yi Ling baked us an Apple Tea Crumble for dessert



It was so good, this time with extra nut & cinnamon toppings!


Fancy a slice?


with ice-cream to jazz things up? Yes, please 🙂


Pastry dessert & vanilla ice-cream… delish!


It finished rather quickly as you can probably tell!


Now, how's this for pretty dessert?

Uncle Danny played around with the food and voila! haha


Needless to say, I had a fantastic time with the family.

Here's a piccie of my cousins and I… for the road!


Happy Easter 2011 folks!

Much love