As ya’ll would’ve probably known by now, I’ve just got back from my one week Easter holiday in New South Wales yesterday! Was in Sydney with friends & family; away from home in Gippsland.


But I’m so glad to be back now, for I had the warmest welcome-back surprise ever.

Also, thank you heaps for the lovely gifts!


Anyway, I just came out from the bath and smelt so fruity and fresh. Yummy!


Then I realized I totally have to blog about those prezzies which I just used with my steaming-hot shower!

I’ll start with the Summer Pudding soap I’m holding πŸ™‚


I know I am naturally partial towards monochromes in terms of possessions and even fashion sense, but bright colours do make my day at times πŸ˜€ Tried, tested and proven!

So I’m supposed to be working on my assignment now, but got carried away because I was curious to know what my soap was made of :P (You know someone has ran outta excuses to do her assignment when she does random research on soap)


It’s cut up from this mega big, pretty chunk!


And here’s what it says about my Summer Pudding :

Just like a real pudding, it’s brimming with pieces of fruit. It’s a creamy soap that scents your body with its fruity fragrance. We make it with scrubby ground almonds, softening almond oil, and cleansing citrus oil. We’re sure you’ll find it difficult to resist a slice of pudding


After my shower, I kept it in a plastic container to ensure that it stays dry when I’m not using it.


Love it too much! πŸ˜‰

There, there… nice and sitting prettily waiting for me to use it again!


And also, I’ve discovered that Lush is this famous brand of handmade cosmetics originating from the UK since 1995 and to date, they have more than 600 stores across 43 countries!

That’s pretty damn amazing, if you ask me. They also used to be affiliated with The Body Shop a long time ago, back in the 1970’s.


Okay, on to the next lovelies!

Here’s my new Each Peach; a massage bar .

It smells so invigorating I can’t wait to use it


It even has a plant/flower carved on it too πŸ˜€


I love what its made of, take a look!

The one to brighten, lighten and throw off the gloom with a concentrated citrus fix. We make the Each Peach bar with fruity avocado and mango butters, mixed with our cocoa butter and shea butter base for an extra nutritious, softening treat. Essential oils of Persian lime, grapefruit, wild orange and mandarin help to encourage a sunny disposition. Very reviving: best for mornings.


Holybejeebus. I SO wanna use it now. I’m very stressed from my assignments and ultra-merciless deadlines.

Nothing could be better than a massage fix, I swear.


Finally, my last soap bar came in 2 adorable cubes.

If you can see from the photo above, its the Miranda ones placed beside the LUSH tin container πŸ™‚

I didn’t wanna open it yet, so here’s how it looks like

We make Miranda with kiwi fruits because they are full to bursting with vitamin C and gently astringent on your skin. We add bergamot oil, which is said to be good for some skin conditions, because it smells of oranges. There’s toning ylang ylang and juniper berry oil to brighten up congested skin.


I used to dread showers/baths because it’s freezing cold here in Australia, especially during Autumn at the mo!.

But now, I can look forward to showertime even more and smelling like a zest of fruity goodness.


Sniff me, would you? πŸ˜› πŸ˜›