I'm typing this with a mad hangover right now.

But it's only because the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit event in Penang was THAT good. 


And no, I'm not saying it's good just like any other good, ordinary party. It was stellar. Simply marvellous. Despite all the events/parties I've been attending to ever since I got back to Malaysia. the Black Circuit last night was unlike any other.


Anyway, more about the party in another blogpost, okay?

For now, let's get on to DJ Teemaree, one of the DJs that cranked up the party last night!


Hands up for hot female DJ! 



She hails from Los Angeles, California and was flown down to Malaysia by Johnnie Walker to be one of the 3 DJs playing at the Black Circuit raceparty last night. I had a chance to interview her yesterday afternoon before the party began.


Jun Fook, Eric and I waiting for her to arrive City Bayview hotel


Let's get it on! 😉



Below is the interview that I've transcribed 🙂





First of all, we'd like to welcome you to Malaysia!

(Bright cheery smile) Thank you so much! 



So when did you touch down in Penang exactly?

Oh I arrived on Tuesday.. I think?


That means you've been here for 2 days already. I hope you've adjusted to the weather?

It's wonderful here! The weather is humid but its not cold. Although it's a rainy day now, it's not cold as compared to the states


What do you fancy about Malaysia so far?

Oh it's something new; very much different than the US. The food is amazing!


We're proud of that 😉 So what local delicacies have you tried so far?

Oh wait, wait! (Refers to jottings of food) I had it written down. So far, I've tried Teh Tarik (Yummy yummy!) Roti Canai, Ice Kacang, Mee Sotong and Roti Jala. Nice. *<——-Rather accurate pronunciation of Bahasa Malaysia!*


We've read up on you; you're a mother, an actress, a DJ, and also a model. How do you juggle between all your different roles?

Oh, you need lots of organization, don't ever give up. When u begin, you're on your own but as you progress you will have a team/organization that assists you to your bookings/appointments. So yeah, right now I do.


Having 2 children to occupy your time with does your kids know what you're doing and are they supportive of it?

Yes my kids are very supportive of me, I'm really glad! 🙂

How old are your little ones?

Oh my kids are teenagers; my daughter is turning 19 and my son is 17.


Oh they're in their teens. Would be pretty cool for them to say that they have a DJ mom!!

How did DJ-ing for you come about anyway?

I went to a club for the 1st time and I loved the music cranked up by the DJ so much. I told myself, "I want to do that." The equipment was kinda pricey, but I managed to get my 1st set-up at home. Then I learned from my fellow DJ friend and then I started doing it on my own!


That's pretty cool, starting from scratch just like that. Tell us more about your music?

Oh I play mainly electro, hiphop, R&B, Pop and some 80s


That's a nice combination of mambo jambo. So what will we be expecting from you tonight? 🙂

Well, I'll be playing some electro, some pop and throwing in some things that you guys hvnt heard!


Could you share with us some of your fave DJs?

I enjoy listening to Doc Martin and Kaskade


Oh, I absolutely love Kaskade! My personal fave would be his collabo with Deadmau5 in 'I Remember'. 

Ah yes, Kaskade and Deadmau5! Yes!! Their showmanship is wonderful.


Describe a routine day in the life of DJ Teemaree.

I wake up in the mornings, get ready for my day, do some admin work from myhome office, check on my schedule, oh and there's some gym involved somewhere haha! After that, I head off to my appointments, sometimes I have auditioning projects, interviews. All my days vary. There's never a day that's the same. 


Oh gosh, that's a really long day!

Yeah, my day lasts up to 16 hours!



You must be real busy then. But if you weren't DJ-ing, what would you see yourself doing?

My heart is creative, I'm passionate towards creativity. But if I weren't a DJ, I'd act. If not, I'd be helping people. My latest passion philanthropy at the moment.


Oh, dabbling into social community projects and philanthropy. Another Angelina Jolie in the making, ey? 😛

(laughs loudly) Probably, but I don't adopt children though!!!


Where has DJing taken you around the world? 

Oh, I've been to various parts of the United States. Also, Mexico and Bahamas. This is 1st time in Asia thanks to Johnnie Walker!


That's really nice. You must be excited. When do you leave back to the States?

Tomorrow morning 🙁


Already??? 3 days isn't quite enough in Penang!

I know!!! 🙁 There's still so much to see. But I just hope I'll have a good time tonight. I'm really looking forward to it.


Also, how would you describe your style; fashion wise?

Oh I'm a bit of hiphop, rock and bohemian. 



Yeah, I can see the bohemian streak in you by that earring you're wearing right there. Did you wear only one on purpose?

(Giggles) Yes. I sometimes wear 1 earring and sometimes both earrings will be different.


Yeah, I can relate to that. It's nice being fashion forward in a different way!

Thank you for your time DJ Teemaree. To save the best for last. Give tonight's party people a shout out!

Oh! Okay cool, I really hope you have an enjoyable time tonight. Thank you Johnnie Walker for giving me this opportunity to play in Malaysia. To al the partygoers out there, I hope you visit me in the USA or online! Visit me on my site too, www.teemaree.com. I really hope to come back!


We hope to see you back soon too. It was a pleasure talking to you!  We look forward to seeing you tonight on the DJ console 🙂

DJ Teemaree, flanked by Jun Fook and I



DJ Teemaree, in my opinion, had a really friendly demeanour and bubbly personality.

She also had this very down-to-earth aura about her when she spoke and shared her stories with us 



T'was a pleasure to have spoken to her personally. I was especially thrilled when she caught sight of me, waved and grinned at me on the dancefloor while she was spinning the decks at the party! 

Also, your music was amazing, babe! As much as I could remember from last night, I absolutely loved the electro-house tracks that she was playing. I somehow remember raving to those of Afrojack's, Skrillex's and a few others. Or did I not? 😛


Till then, wait for the massive blogpost on Johnnie Walker Black circuit party!