Yes, as the title mentioned, I did something I didn't even expect myself to do!

What, go visit an abandoned Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine existing since the year 1865 (which I assume is now somewhat haunted), play with fire  there and almost detoured to a cemetery? Geez. Sometimes I shock myself silly.





I just had to tell you something, especially to all the artsy-fartsy freaks and creative heads out there!

I spotted a campaign about Nescafe Chill Lah on ChurpChurp and….. *drumroll*


Nescafe is giving away 10,000 bucks to someone who best designs their Nescafe tin-can! 

On top of getting that mighty ten grand, the winner will get their design featured on limited edition Nescafe cans nationwide! Finally know how it's like to have your own design on a tin can that everyone across the country will drink from, ey? 

Pretty damn cool, if I say so myself. I'd be so proud! So get your creative juices flowing & submit your designs.

Check out their Facebook page here for more deets 



So it all began with an impromptu picnic trip my mates and I decided to make on a sunny afternoon


Roadtrip, babeh!


With the days and nights always being less than 10°C everyday, it was such a rare occurrence that we *actually* had full-blown sunshine! So excited. But it was still cold as ever, despite the sun!

Ranga quickly suggested a picnic trip and we were all hey ho, let's go! 


Clear blue skies ahead!


Geez it's so sunny!

And of all days, I forgot all about my sunglasses 🙁 Sigh!


Yes I'm trying hard not to squint.  >____<

Konzy took the easy way out; he shut his eyes instead! 😀


En route to Wallhalla!


How much further?


Our hungry tummies decided we stop by Bert Christensen Reserve in La Trobe City to eat.

If I recall correctly, t'was already 4pm at the time.


Lush green blanket of grass!

But no, we're not sitting on it.


We had KFC to-go, mashed potatoes, popcorn chicken, fries and coke


Yeah yeah, I know it wasn't what you would expect of a conventional picnic.

With the checked tablecloth to lay on the grass, woven baskets containing peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, apples, a jar of lemonade and homemade muffins. Oh and a pet dog.


So it wasn't like this


Nor was it like this



Although we ate the same KFC Bucket 


So anyway! After eating, we continued our journey up to Walhalla's famous Gold Mine


We're driving along the top of the hill now!

At the end of this post, you'll see a night view taken from the exact same spot







Okay I changed my mind. What? I'm a woman; I'm entitled to change my mind.

 I couldn't wait. I'll show it to you now LOL 😛 😛


I shot this while we were on our way home after everything was over!


Okay, pause right there. Back on rewind.

Where was I?

Oh, right. In the car on the way to Walhalla.


Roadtrip was kinda long, so we all spent our time chatting and camwhoring 😀


And we had arrived our destination! It was pretty damn quiet; just as I expected.

It's an abandoned Gold Mine after all, standing as one of the richest mines in the early 19th century.


Although quiet, it wasn't deserted.


Whee! I went up there to check out the view


In the background : Walhalla Star Hotel


Quite a peaceful little town


There was a creek right below the bridge too


I turned around and Konzy was taking piccies of the stream


And he took a piccie of me too! 


We were all curious and began to explore Walhalla's grounds; reading about its history too.

Here's a tiny cottage bearing words from the Walhalla Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine management.


Read if you can. If not, don't bother squinting your eyes.

It's just some information on its tourism and slight bit of history.


Before we knew it, the sun had already set.


Spooky trees. Melikes.




When it was dark, we all congregated by our cars and began talking a whole load of crap.

Oddly enough, we fooled around suggesting that we do something daring.


Such as visiting a graveyard or climbing over zinc barricades into the Gold Mine.

Har har har. Funny? Just you wait.


Little did I know that they *actually* meant what they said




So off we went into the deep dark terrains of the abandoned mine.

I ain't no wuss or anything but seriously? Going to creepy places in the dead of the night? Geez! ;(


Don't remind me.


They even scared themselves silly! There was this inanimate mannequin placed right at the opening of those iron bars. The moment you flash your torchlight, that mannequin will flash before your eyes.

Yikes. Nasty, I'm lucky I wasn't the one who saw it lest I shit myself!!! :P




Hahhahhaa. Naw. That's not an apparition. It's an actual person 😛

It's Alex coming outta the mine because as far as they went inside, there were metal bars there.



MIssion aborted.


But guess what we did instead???? 


Yup yup! Fire twirling 😀 😀 😀


I can proudly say I have did something beyond ordinary on my 22nd birthday.

Went to an abandoned Gold Mine, climbed into a restricted area and played pyromaniac for the night – fire twirling is fun (and dangerous!) I felt #likeaboss. 


The fire-twirling was all thanks to Mossy!


He's the fire-twirler among us.

I love his deft skills when he juggled and spun the flaming staff around effortlessly. Heck, he even took a gulp of petrol and fire-breathed into the air! Now, that's what I call wicked.


Me? Oh. Well. I'm no expert, I swear.

Just trollin' around & having fun 😀 Teehee.


Don't agitate me… or I'll set your house on fire.

;) I be kidding!!


In the end, we finally climbed out from the forbidden zone and went back home.

And no, thankfully we did not end up going to the cemetary *wipes sweat* PHEWW!!!!!! 😛 😛


One of the most memorable birthday experiences, I daresay.


You only live once. So make sure you do the extreme 😉

Aight, I'm outta here!