For those of you following me on Twitter or have me on Facebook, yall would know that I have undergone yet another body art procedure today.

I was at the Rock Ink Night by Mandala Tattoo Parlour at Finnegan's Irish Pub & Restaurant, Straits Quay. Nope, I didn't do a new tattoo (although I still haven't blogged about my 4th tattoo yet, sorry!!) but my 6th piercing this time round.


 It is known as the Industrial Piercing (US) or as the Scaffold Piercing (UK) or Construction Piercing.

For those of you who aren't too familiar with body mod lingo, it refers to any two pierced holes connected with a single straight barbell.

Yes, that's my ear. 

Okay now that I've slightly "educated" you with some piercing trivia, lemme show you what I've gone through.

They say once you get through the Industrial Piercing, you can get through anything. 'Cos apparently, Industrials are the worst, most painful kind of piercing ever. Says people who have done a multitude of piercings, that I trust.

So I plucked up my courage to attempt the Industrial

After all, I already have 4 tattoos. A piercing shouldn't be thaaaat bad….

Right? 😀

WRONG. Right in your face, Jess. You're downright mistaken.

I was told to drink up, drink up, and drink up some more.

'Cos alcohol somehow numbs certain sensations


I did wonder why they told me to drink more but when they said, "Trust me. Drink more. It will help", I began to harbour some slight fear within me. Yikes. What am I getting myself into again?

Alright, ready? Quickly, get over and done with it, please 







TA-DAAA!! Whole process took about 5 whole minutes.

Compared to 5 hours of each tattoo I've done so far, these 5 minutes is equivalent to torture ;(


Oh and, here's a collage of all my friends who were there!

Didn't manage to take everyone's piccies 'cos I really cbf when I was in pain but yeah.


Glad to see you peeps around! 🙂


Worst part was, I got home and asked the boyfie's sister (who also has an Industrial) in Australia how long it will take to heal or at least not hurt anymore, she told me "a few months, but everyone is different".


HOLY SHEEEETS. 🙁 🙁 🙁 nnnnnnnnoooooooooooo.


A FEW MONTHS??? All my tattoos only took 2-3 weeks to heal completely ;(

I can't even wait one month, let alone a few. Sigh. Looks like imma have to lay off the seafood for a while.


ANYWAY, I'm done! (and in pain)

credits to buddies Joyce & Edwin for helping me take pics during the night! xx


Then again, pain is the new game.

 I'm not passionate towards tattoos and piercings for nothing; everyone has preferences and this is mine.



Here's the video, as promised!!


To me, it's a work of art on my biological canvas, engraved in there for life. 

No pain, no gain.

And I'm lovin' it. Hell to the yeah!



I echo buddy Edwin who said that I had "balls of steel" and the boyfie who said "brutal; that's my girl"

*biggrins* Although my ear is still throbbing with pain as we speak, imma go to sleep with a smile.


I love how my piercings just peep out subtly like that teehee!

Goodnight lovelies! 😀