Remember the ELEVATE : Feel the Difference party that rocked Penang 2 months back?

Blogpost – here.  Well, it has now made its way to the city! Check out Ipoh’s one here if you’re from the future.


At ELEVATE KL with my trusty plus one! 

As we were there pretty early, I took the chance to check out the place.

Photos photos photos!

It was held at the Skyrim-themed club, Black Magic KL

The usherettes making sure who has arrived and who hasn’t

Wow! ELEVATE’s fully digital stage backdrop

I remember the previous ELEVATE being very high-tech as well.

Swirls of electronic waves and other dramatism flashed when the main act took to the stage.


Having my second (already?) bottle of Carlsberg from the free-flow that night!

As some of you would know, I held a giveaway for ELEVATE passes on my Facebook page.

Congrats to my 4 winners!


Here’s two of my winners! Dylan and Ragu

(I don’t know where my other winners are LOL)

Before we knew it, the crowd began to pour in and the party heat was rising really quickly! :D

Our charming emcee of the night Kylie Chapman welcomed us and introduced the first act of the night


She was aptly dressed in a royal shade of blue according to ELEVATE’s signature colours 

Rapper extraordinaires, Canadian hip-hop godfather Vandal and word-blaster Jin Hackman, hyped the crowd even further and got into a rap-battle showdown against each other! :D


Vandal attacking it word by word at top speed!

Jin hacking at the battle not only in English, but rapping in Bahasa Malaysia as well!

They rendered me speechless with strings of words, requiring no pen & paper!

Everything. was. spontaneous.  I was amazed by their natural gift of the gab 


Vandal & Jin Hackman gave us such an awesome collaboration :D

We had trouble hearing them at first, but as we began to concentrate, their lyrics were so funny!

Everyone was practically stupefied and entertained throughout their rap battle.

I actually miss old skool rap! And of course, Eminem 🙂


They then talked about beatboxing on stage and asked if anyone knew how to beatbox.


A dude from the crowd volunteered

And he amazed us all with his beatboxing and showmanship!


From old skool classic beatboxing beats to dubstep beats, this guy impressed us all 

It isn’t everyday a random person – who was actually good! – from the floor gets up on stage to perform with the main acts


They then rapped and beatboxed together! Such a spontaneous collaboration


Jin Hackman returned on stage and rapped with his female back-up rapper!

I do admit, I’ve heard so much about them but never gotten the chance to actually watch them perform & dish out torrential combative words back and forth, right before my very eyes 

Glad I did! Thank you ELEVATE :D


I even had a photo taken with Vandal! 

While waiting for the next act, I had some party pictures taken with my friends.

What’s a party without company? Let the photos roll! 



Good times, good times! :D It is pretty evident that we were enjoying ourselves a whole lot.

Good underground music, free flow of drinks & a good crowd 


MC Kylie Chapman returned on stage and elevated our party moods :D

The next act of the night got me screaming and jumping frantically.

It was my favorite local dance crew, Elecoldxhot!! 


I’m totally diggin’ their hipster, street style and brightly coloured fashion sense!

Such quick and tight choreography!

Their dance routines, no doubt, incorporated lots of breakdance moves as well

Don’t stop! Keep breakin’ the floor, you bboy! ;)


One minute they were dressed so interestingly, and the next, their L.E.D dance gear illuminated the stage as the lights turned off.

They remind me of some kind of electrobots popping, locking & dropping it on stage! 


Those tight routines coupled with the shocking electro gear got us dancing along as well!

Oooooh and guess what?

I’ve got a photo with my favorite one from the crew! :D


Say hi to Chris!

It was past midnight, but there were no signs of stopping ELEVATE from elevating our night even further!

We kept pushing the party energy higher and higher 


Photos! Photos! Photos! 


Our next – and final! – act of the night was none other than the sizzling hot DJ Mari Ferrari flowin in from Russia

I’ve looked up her photos and listened to her online, she really is gorgeous in real life too! 


She played an eclectic mix of trance, house and progressive big room sounds!

DJ Mari Ferrari shot the party to full swing!


She not only has a beautiful demeanour, but talents on the turn-table to boot!

Here’s another photo of her just because. *wink* ;)

I had a great time that Saturday night!

Theboyf and the boys seemed like they had heaps more fun than I do, they got so drunk and hyperactive by the end of the night. I’ve never seen them dance quite like that before LOLOLOLOL. 


Anyway, here’s a short video of the night!

(The footages of Vandal & Jin Hackman screwed up, to my dissapointment!) :/





Three cheers for ELEVATE!

Thank you, ELEVATE, for another good shimmy-down time with my party mates. Till the next one!

Click here and here for Penang and Ipoh’s ELEVATE events if you haven’t done so already.