Imagine not having to brace the massive  night rush by fellow entertainment-thirsty  people with an equal affinity for good parties. Imagine how you could finally avoid that nasty gridlock  instead of being ‘just another car’ stuck in ‘yet another weekend traffic to the city.’


Ergo, wouldn’t it be smarter to go against the traffic flow and actually mean it when you say, “Give me 10 minutes”? Well guess what fellow partygoers and socialites?

You can actually arrive in 10 minutes now.


But of course, I’m speaking for the vast majority who live in the suburbs instead of right smack in the city centre. For the rest of you who live in KL city and its vicinity. it’s your turn to come to us now. Heh. heh. heh.


I was invited to attend a sneak preview media launch party last Saturday at The Roof and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed.


Thanks for this photo, Isaac!

Allow me to introduce The Roof – the latest edition in the glamorous dining and entertainment circuit.

Located right in the heart of Bandar Utama at 1 First Avenue, The Roof is a premium integrated dining and entertainment hub which offers its patrons a wholesome, ultimate experience, which I will further illustrate.


That’s me at the Hard Hat Tour.


Why Hard Hat Tour, you ask? This was  because The Roof was still under renovation and construction so all guests were advised to wear a safety helmet lest a brick falls on your head. Yell

With over 50,000 square feet of dining, entertainment and event space, The Roof houses five distinct outlets designed to cater to a broad spectrum of customers with each outlet promising a unique and classy experience.



Let’s start with… the first room the moment you enter: SCORE



Score is the ultimate sports bar for the sports enthusiasts. Featuring major sporting events and live telecasts, Score is your home away from home where fun and relaxation are entwined into one.

Brimming with adrenalin to create the camaraderie spirit, it is a place to score where pool competitions and dart tournaments are a regular feat. Smile


At the entrance of SCORE

By the bar!

Perfect retreat after work, Score offers attractive beer deals and delectable finger food.

Draft  beer for me please! (ignore the cocktail; that was the first drink I saw lying alone at the bar)


 Loving the interior decor there too. The walls are made to look like sports locker rooms!


And the floor is made to look like a race track. Love it!

Ahh memories. This reminds me of my sprinting and distance running days as an athlete in high school.


I rarely go to sports bars, but when I do, it’s definitely gonna be SCORE!

I’m liking the whole open-space and ‘grassy’ concept; definitely very relaxing and casual.



Placed strategically adjacent to SCORE is: PLAY



Play is a designer super club and the only premium dance club in Petaling Jaya. With a patio view of the city, Play is designed to escape the everyday stress (of the city and its traffic jams LOL) and the place to indulge in glitz and glamour with thematic interior design, impressive stage and state of the art staging, audio and visual.

Also serving premium spirits with daily promotions, it promises to entice partygoers with a complete clubbing experience. Smile


The highlight of the outlet is the regular appearance of top-notch local and international DJs as well as live acts.

Heck, they already have Lil John (USA) and DJ Tenashar (SG) booked for November.


I didn’t get to explore PLAY’s interior as it was still undergoing extensive construction. I know I have the Hard Hat on me but I wouldn’t fancy walking amongst scaffoldings, steel bars, bricks and cement. So understandably, PLAY was off-limits that night.

Oh the suspense! Cool


Moving forward a little bit towards the right is the very sophisticated: MALT & LEAF



Malt and whiskey is for the cigar aficionado and discerning single malt enthusiast wanting to relish in a fine cigar and delectable glass of whiskey under the stars.

Housing an extensive and the finest collection of quality malts and cigars from around the world, this is a classy place for patrons who enjoy the finer things in life. Smile


Sorry for the airbourne specks of dust you see in this picture

As its name suggests, Malt and Leaf is equipped with a walk-in glass cigar cabinet with a well curated selection of some of the finest cigars and single malt whiskeys around the world.

I could see it was designed with a stylish ambiance!

Giving their Cuban cigar a try. Yum! Ha Ha

Admiring the sunset view. The walls aren’t very complete yet either!

Just some more sunset photos for now as Malt & Leaf isn’t 100% finished yet!

We now move on to the very classy dining room: Signature


Signature is a trendy and premium gastro-lounge where award-winning signature cocktails are concocted and a great selection of international premium beverages are served. It is a contemporary dining room section for the avant garde who wish to be tantalized by a plethora of Asian and international fusion cuisine. Smile

Just like PLAY, Signature was off limits and all I could see inside were glassware, furniture still wrapped up with care and… construction workers hard at work.


The menu is specially crafted for patrons who love to indulge in a unique gastronomic dining experience.

I will be featuring and reviewing their food very soon! Can’t wait to introduce them to you.


Once I finished touring the four rooms, an after-party awaited tonight’s guests in: Stratosphere



For cosmopolitans, this is the place to be as they bask in the open air drinking in the serenity from Stratosphere and experience the elevation of the ordinary.

Designed with an opulent rooftop bar offering a magnificent birds’s eye view of its surroundings and beyond, it is a perfect option to indulge in exquisite drinks and mouth-watering canapes. Ideal setting for the affluent, sophisticated trendsetters, I must say.Wink


Just before I adjourned UP UP UP to Stratosphere


There were two modes of going up:

The transparent elevator

Or the semi-spiral staircase. I chose the latter. The night view was so pretty!


We have arrived!

Welcome to Stratosphere!


I took an instant liking to those gigantic neon balls!


 The fluorescent bar

Love how it glows in the dark Cool

 Free-flow of champagne and drinks for the night!

Such an extensive helipad area too!

I can forsee perfect garden parties taking place here!

We loved Stratosphere! It isn’t every night you get to party sans the confines of

a roof or a congested/stuffy environment. It was spacious and, very literally, like a breath of fresh air.

Stratosphere boasts large comfy garden seating as well!


I really wasn’t kidding when I said it was comfy Laughing

Yup, not kidding at all. Tongue Out


Apart from the buzz of the party, I was actually very enthralled by the scenery in the near horizon.

Check out the amazing sunset and light traces.

 So gorgeous. At least, when you’re feeling drunk or dizzy, you can always admire the view.

Possibly a great conversation starter with say, that cute guy or girl standing there too ,hey? 😉

 Couldn’t help but to take a photo with the view and the giant pink ball!


 The night continued with more drinks and mingling with the buddies

Jude and I

Partycrew for the night! 😀

We happened to be sitting next to the canape preparation table so you can imagine how lucky we were heheheh.

Lydia and I!

 Alicia and I!

Rosalyn and I!

 The fireworks display was brilliant too! Too bad I missed it.

But yes, there you have it and Stratosphere wrapped up my night very well.


With Asia’s first and only luxury bar nestled on top of an infinity grassed helipad, it provides an unprecedented panoramic 360-degree view of the city and greater Klang Valley – offering socialites and partygoers like us a breathtaking and spectacular city skyline at night as they chill and relax.

After touring the entire place, looks like it IS really all in one! I can dine here with an unobstructed view of the skyline, watch live telecasts over a match or two, taste amazing drinks over cigars,  party it up and watch the stars from the rooftop. Five unique experiences in ONE destination.


 Are you on the list?


If you are not already on the exclusive guest list of the launch of the largest premium fine dining and entertainment hub of 2013 in Malaysia, this is your chance to sign up.

The very magnificent The Roof will open to the public on the 1st November 2013.


 It’s going to be….


wait for it…




To get an invite to the premier launch of The Roof, check out their Facebook page and try your hand at getting on the list and your exclusive invitation.

See you there! Kiss