Girls and pretty things. Inseparable, if I may point out – at least for me!

They say the prettiest things comes in small packages, and what arrived my doorstep not too long ago was a tiny parcel addressed to me.


Pandora-inspired charms all strung together on a bright silver sterling bracelet.


This is all thanks to The Wild Things, a home-grown accessories/fashion site. Check out what I wrote about them previously: here! Laughing

Still totally in love with the necklaces, bracelets, earrings that they sent me previously.


Anyway, this is the unboxing of my new Pandora-inspired charm bracelet. Enjoy!


 Cute little packaging, sealed with their logo.


 Opened the mini package to find a lovely red box.


When I opened it, I was won over in a heartbeat. Kiss

I started swooning over the beauty right before my eyes that is my new Pandora-inspired charm bracelet, customized specially for me!


 It really is a beauty, no? Made my heart stop for a second there.


The red box also contained personal note from both the founders of The Wild Things.


How thoughtful of those girls! Thank youuuu.

Hope I’ll love the bracelet? You bet! Laughing


Fell in love with it and fastened it on my wrist immediately!

Each charm and bead is specially customized and chosen to fit my personality.

Again, looks like girls from The Wild Things really seem to know me pretty well. Wink


The two beads, both plain frosted (right) and diamante (left)

Red – my favorite colour.


The black & pink frosted beads

My second favorite colour combination, after the black & red combo.

Pink brings out the feminine side of me.


The pewter beads – a rocking horse, a bag of money and a dice

The year which I got this (Year of the Horse) for prosperity, and the other two which befits my perception of how life is always a gamble, full of risks, where you either win and lose multiple times as long as you’re still in the game.



The silver dangling charm bearing the words ‘Never never give up!’

What I always say when I train at the gym, and basically my outlook to life.


The orange marble bead and the jade-green frosted bead

Brings out the oriental side of me – I am, after all, Asian. #asianpride 


The stopper clip (to prevent other beads from falling off the bracelet when opened)

A clover – for good luck!


 Wore it to one of my lunch outings!


Falling in love with it. Oh wait – I already did!


Because I’m happy! 😀 😀 


Enchanting. I honestly can’t get enough of it – my girls love it too!


I even wore it on all three days of Chinese New Year earlier this year!


 A close-up of the Pandora-inspired charm bracelet. For some reason, wearing it makes me feel inspired and empowered. No wonder they say charms are lucky 🙂


You should totally get your own! Ha Ha

It’s customizable, so you can personalize your own bracelet by hand-picking what beads and charms goes on it.

The Wild Things have now brought in various new beads that they didn’t initially have – so go crazy choosing! 

Here are my favorites from their new arrivals:



So you now have even more choices for your charm bracelet! These new additions combined with their existing beads and charms are too pretty!

Shop for their whole collection here.

Trust me, you’ll be spoilt for choice. You’ll want all of them like I did haha!



Thank you, The Wild Things, for such a gorgeous bracelet!



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