Cupid has struck again! Happy Vals to all my dear readers and friends

Valentines Day originated all because of Saint Valentine. Google him if you feel like it.
Three cheers to him!

Yesterday was my 4th Valentine spent with Dubby. No, he did not take me to the Eiffel Tower neither did he buy me a 24-carat diamond ring. Hearts have always been simple and personal. Nothing to boast about. Valentine’s Day has indeed been overrated; just like Christmas Day has. Instead of the spirit of such celebrations increasing, such occasions have been enormously elaborate and it has become a means of showing off.

The below was a slightly edited conversation adapted from a few conversations that I heard today. Hmm.. to think of it, I pity those dudes.


What did your boyfriend buy for you this year?
Oh, he only bought me a SONY Vaio laptop! What about yours?
I can’t believe it man… it was so lame. He only bought me a platinum pendant and a gold necklace, which only costed RM300.
Just like that? OMG.
Last year was even worse. He bought me this Chanel perfume, which I am very sure is NOT an original product!
Mine was total shit too. He took me to a Chiles, but all my friends’ boyfriends took them to hotels!
What a cheapskate, just like mine.
Yeah, I know.


Money can’t buy love? Money can’t buy happiness?
As of now, those two sentences are highly doubted

.. because happiness and it’s degree of it is subjective. What constitutes happiness? =) That’s for each individual to decide. What’s your defination of happiness?

What we did together yesterday on Valentines may not be the best Valentine he has given me yet, but it certainly was happiness in its own way. We even celebrated it for two days! We went to the movies and had a good dinner together at FoodLoft, Gurney.

The next was spent at RedBox and in the beginning it was pretty awesome when we got the huge room with the dance floor in the middle. LOL. Just the both of us; having a good time singing most of the songs we both could never get to sing with our friends. Hmm.. reason being? Most of his pals hardly listen to English numbers and mine dislikes rock, punk or emo rock. So, it was our time to shine!!

Woo-hoo! Singing almost everything we could search for, and laughing ourselves silly at the times we went too high and got outta tune. =P
The most coincidental and sweetest part was when he picked Westlife – Queen of my Heart just at the right moment to be the last song of our session. That song was the very first ‘our song’ together… and he remembered! Back in 2004 was when he first sang it to me.
iluvyew boo~

After almost 4 hours of fun and laughter, it was grocery shopping hand-in-hand at Cold Storage for us. Muahahahhaa… Mexican Food and Minestrone soup for the dinner menu! (which we also never get to eat when the others are around). We even bought a bottle of wine, a symbol of toast. Once we shopped for all the stuff we needed, we went home and started to prepare our dinner together, hmm.. I shocked you, didn’t I darl? =P (Yes, I have gathered some culinary interest if you hadn’t noticed.)
Lookie! A Valentine’s tomato!

I laid the table.. and he finished preparing the rest.


We had dinner in the cosy living room and cuddled in front of the telly.
Went to whitebow, pinkbow and blackbow all at once hmm boo? *winks* Spending the entire afternoon, evening and night together was indeed lovely.

Oh and Baby, thanks for making up to me when I got all emo over some stuff. It was really sweet of you. You made me feel like a princess! Hmm… I wonder if I should be emo all the time in order for you to treat me like that everyday? =)

Oh, and to complement our vday plans, we gave each other simple gifts =) Oh yes, and two matching tribal wooden necklaces – the letter ‘B’ and the letter ‘J’. (we’re wearing them in the first three pics of this post) The two wonderful days were already the Vday gifts. *hugs&kisses*

vday ‘o5

Vday ‘o6

vday ‘o7

Here’s to our 4th Valentine.. and more to come~!