Semantic noise can be hazardous.
Miscommunications can be dreadful.
The 12o’clock system is messed-up.

no, in fact. We are messed-up

I got ssssssssssssssssso pissed x100 today, you wouldn’t even wanna know how badly infuriated i was.
But in the end, it all boils down to miscommunication.

Edited and simplified EXAMPLE of the stupidity between Daniel and I


Friday, 8pm: You and someone makes plans to meet up for discussions on Saturday (tomorrow) at 12pm.

What happens when you send a text message at 1am just before you sleep? which says:

“Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow okay?. Goodnite”

Saturday, 10am: Your friend wakes up in the morning and reads that message, would that ‘tomorrow’ mean Saturday or Sunday????


And to top it off, he/she ran outta credit and you have been sitting waiting for hours on end the entire day like a complete and total numbskull, habouring plans to decapitate him/her the next time he/she shows his/her face.

Yes. I was that furious.
calling 15times with no respond, and leaving fiesty text messages with no reply, I think I have surpassed Buddha’s patience.

Because technically, when you send a message at 1am, it is already the next day – Saturday. So the ‘tomorrow’ in your text message that you meant, has been technically turned into Sunday. Especially when the recipient reads it only when he/she wakes up. But you sent it before you slept, so logically, your day isn’t over yet (still Friday) and the ‘tomorrow’ in your text message actually meant Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You and I have a brain.

Capable enough to think and perform cognitive measures.
But why didn’t our brains work to jive only to understand this simple thing????

Anyway, my apologies to Daniel for sending him unpleasant messages. Because TECHNICALLY, ACORDING TO THE LAME 12 O’ CLOCK SYSTEM, he was right after all.