A dinner treated by mum dearest on my last day in Penang just before I leave for my Langkawi backpack expedition tomorrow morning. wow… was full to the brim and my tummy was indeed bloated. UGH.

When theGarlic Rice came,
it was the catalyst to our non-stop food process!

She took me to Sushi King and we ate our hearts out! There were blue plates, pink plates, beige plates, red plates, purple plates, square plates, bowls all stacked up in front of us. *burpppp* Cawanmushi too!

The strangest thing was we were still there eventhough the people from our left and right had left one after another. LOL. We shrunk to our seats in embarrassment when the food that we ordered all arrived simultaneously!! Goodness gracious. Don’t you know the social etiquette woman? People around us would obviously interpret that we had been starving for 30 days and 30 nights!

*in a bitchy tone* Uhh.. like, WHATever!

Anyway, that’s a scrumptious meal for my dinner and awaiting breakfast with my buddies tomorrow just before we leave!

Aight, gotta go get ready to pack for tomorrow’s adventure! Pictures assured!!
Wish me luck and all fun!!