If you consider yourself a youth, and have not heard of Youth Jam, you're terribly missing out, buddy.

For Youth Jam is back bigger, bolder and with a bang in 2012!!



It is BIGGER this year & spans 3 states now : Penang, Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur!

For those who have not heard of Youth Jam, it is a youth-oriented day out designed to bring together young people by engaging & connecting youths via their participation in a series of inspiring series of events of similar interest 



In short, it is a celebration of what its like to (still!) be a youth!

In these full day events with jam-packed with activities, here's the list of what Youth Jam has to offer:


So much happenings filling the weekend! :D



Which reminds me, I would like to draw the attention to ALL Malaysian bloggers of ALL ages, ALL backgrounds, ALL newbie bloggers, ALL veteran bloggers, of ALL shapes and sizes, ALL genders ALL races ALL states… (okay, shall I stop now? You get the point LOL) :P


Youth Jam – in partnership with SONY Malaysia – is holding a blogging contest!



I will be one of the judges for this blogging competition!

So… do your best and we will pick the best entry according to our judging criteria 


May the best blogpost win!  The winner walks away with a SONY Cybershot WX100 compact camera and the first 100 blog entries (per blogger) will receive an exclusive cybershot goodie bag from SONY. 



As you can see, Youth Jam 2012 boasts pop-culture activities & trends among youths.

These include K-Pop showdowns, 3-on-3 basketball challenges, arm-wrestling, DJ-ing, floorball challenges, young entrepreneurship programme, going green by recycling, cooking competitions, reading & exchanging books, karaoke open stage performance, photohunts, graphic design competition, photography competition, cosplay competition, singing competition, BLOGGING COMPETITION, motorsports and so much more!



I'm calling out to all youths out there of our nation who want to get connected and make a difference!

As cliche as it may sound, you know we youths are considered the 'leaders of tomorrow' ey? 😀



So get on it! 😀 Register now and be part of this huge youth phenomenon



Youth Jam 2012 is powered by Youths Today, Malaysia's largest youth platform. 

I personally know the peeps at Youths Today; they're such a vibrant and energetic group of community-driven youths whose expertise revolve around youth development, empowerment & connecting youths on one common platform 



Have fun & have a blast, fellow youths! You can only be a youth ONCE, so why not maximise your true potential & have fun while you're at it? :D

To know more, stay updated & how you can participate in the activities of Youth Jam 2012, check out their Facebook page here or visit their website at www.YouthsToday.com