I’m pretty sure most of you would already know that I’m constantly on the goal of becoming a skinnyb!tch, right?

In my context, I’m not referring to being stick-thin or aneroxic.


I strive to be extremely slim and slender, just as I was when I was 18/19 years old

You might think it’s impossible for a 23 year old to return to the body of an 18 year old, but trust me.


It IS possible.

My skinniest/slimmest year. Shot during Christmas in 2008


I have friends (models) who roughly share the same height as I do (some even taller!) and they weigh so much lesser than I do.

For those who don’t know, I stand at 170cm in height. This is the part where I debate with myself whether or not I should tell you my weight. Hmm..


Probably not 😛

In any case, I aim to be 55KG again. That was my optimum weight where I was so slim, toned and fit.


2 weeks ago, my buddies Venessa & Cheez suggested I attempt a detox diet programme with them.


You know, like, “Shall we do it together?”

I jumped on the bandwagon the very second I was asked.

Why, of course. I’d do anything to be a skinnyb!tch again 😀

Another detox to think about is the Coffee Enema detox. But that’s for another time.


So we headed straight for the markets & bought everything we needed for our healthy detox diet.

This diet isn’t just to rid your body of excess fat & toxins to aid weight loss but it also helps you clear your entire system, improve your complexion, cleanse your liver & so on.

All I can say is, my alcohol-drenched liver & tar-laden respiratory system will thank me for that!


So much love! 


I will now share my experience (and track my own progress) and hopefully, I am disciplined enough to endure the much-dreaded 10 days.

I believe you can too! 🙂


DAY 1 – DAY 3 (Cleansing Stage)

Purpose : Reduce rations of food to prepare the body to move from solid food to liquid food


Fruits, vegetables, nuts & course grains for ALL meals!

Minimal eggs (steamed/hardboiled)

No starch/refined carbohydrates! i.e : rice, bread, noodles

No tea & coffee

No seasoning except natural salt & pure honey

No oil!


Here’s what I did, separating my portions into 3 days so I get a balanced intake of different fruits & vegetables



Here’s a brief summary of what I ate:


Breakfast platter!

Fluffly scrambled eggs with broccoli and carrots

Snacking on pineapples!

Cherry Tomato ice blended juice

Hardboiled eggs with black pepper!

Bananas & watermelon make a good pair for lunch!

One of my faves – fresh coconut water!

Chopchopchopped fruits!

Giant plate of veggies for dinner!

Mashed potato with carrot slices

Stir fry potatoes, cherry tomatoes and onions

Green apple snack!

DAY 4 – DAY 6 (Fasting Stage)

Purpose : For slimming (3 days), better health (7 days) & chronic illness (14 days)


Drink only the prescribed fruits & vegetable juice for ALL meals (8 glasses a day)

Recipe : ONLY Carrot + cucumber + celery + green apple + beetroot + ginger slice

Drink it sip by sip.. slowly!


My buys and I at Cold Storage!


Shopping shopping!

Your buddies for 3 days. Give them a thorough juice

By the time I was in the middle of this stage, my spirit and willpower to go on dropped immensely.

I was miserable. I was weak. My cravings kicked in so badly. I was hungry for food that satisfies my tastebuds. I was yearning for something else to eat. I almost gave up.

But I didn’t.



Being on a liquid diet is not easy, just ensure you have more than enough a supply of your juice



Brought along my “lunch” with me when I’m on the go!

Be sure to drink MORE THAN 2000 ml everyday. 

I drank about 2500 ml per day, and that wasn’t enough for me at all. I was thirsty and hungry 🙁


DAY 7 – 10 (Recovery Stage)

Purpose : To prepare the body to return to its normal stage of solid food

Should you not do this properly, your stomach will risk aching & bloatedness


Day 7 : Fruit & vegetable juice and its pulp/remains from juicing

Day 8 : Uncooked fresh fruits & vegetables

Day 9 : Cooked vegetables & mushy food i.e : mashed potato, mashed fruits & vegetables

Day 10 : Simple/easy-to-digest meat i.e : fish


Arriving this stage fueled my motivation to finish it all the way.

At last! I was able to eat solid food again, goodbye to the horrid liquid diet that puts you off after a day.


Blended fruits & vegetables (with pulp) for Day #7!

Broiled broccoli and carrots with lots of garlic, onions & basil!


Breakfast platter!

Water stir-fry veggies and mushrooms!

Fruit juice & pulp!

Scrambled eggs with bok choy and brinjals!

Lunch platter!

About to make my pumpkin and vegetable stew for Day #9!

Lovely! My overnight slow-cooked pumpkin & vegetable stew is ready to be eaten

Orange, carrot & papaya juice!

Scrambled eggs with spinach and button mushrooms

Steamed fish with vegetables for Day #10!

Smoked salmon slices!


I can’t believe I did it. Enduring the 10 days of detox food was ironically, an enjoyable torture.

It deprives/hurts/frustrates so good ‘cos you know you’re doing your body a great favour! 😀


Throughout the whole 10 days, ensure you drink PLENTY of water to flush out whatever you’ve detoxified & sleep before 12am. For my dear readers who lead an active nightlife, this will be the hardest part.


(basically anything toxic)


If I can do it, so can you! Remember, this is a VERY strict 10-day diet

The results? I feel healthier, lost a few kilograms, learnt so much about healthy living & healthy eating

I dare you to take on the challenge!