So many of my friends, family and readers alike kept telling me that I'm on a billboard and a cinema ad.

All throughout last month & this month, it was all "Jess, I saw you on the ad!" "Jessicat, saw your picture on the billboard!" "Jessica, you're on a giant ad!" "Jessie, saw you in cinema!"


And guess what?

I haven't seen ANY of them with my very own eyes. How sad 🙁


I headed up to Penang a few weeks back, but still couldn't find the time to go see those ads.

So now that I'm in Penang, I took the chance and made a point to go to Gurney Drive-Sunrise Tower cross-junction (previously a roundabout) to see those ads I was featured in. :)


I jawdropped when a reader sent this to me. Wow. Thank you so much! 🙂



Being featured on a giant billboard along a busy road at a very prominent intersection left me awestruck!

Hey, it isn't everyday you get people you don't know emailing/tweeting/telling you they saw you on an ad.


This was also sent by someone else. Thank you, too!


I happened to be on on the way to attend Hennessy Artistry Penang last weekend and the people in the coach with me were like, "JESSICA! LOOK LOOK LOOK! IS THAT YOU!?" 

Heh. Yeah, it is. That's me.


So that's it for the giant billboard.

Here's a photo of the cinema advertisement sent to me too. Thanks a lot 


KDU Advertisement in Golden Screen Cinemas


Wow, I must say, she has pretty good eye and quick reaction to whip out her camera to snap this photo.

It went by pretty fast! Lots of people told me they couldn't take the photo in time to show me.


Speaking of which, I just remembered I was on their brochure advertisement too


So yeah. That's my story.

Also, many post-high school kids and teenagers got interested and personally asked me what Mass Communication in KDU was like. Right. Looks like I became a walking billboard after that as well 😛


Spent my 2.5 years of my life as a college kid here!


Here's my answer, with no biasness whatsoever. 

In all honesty, I think KDU's Mass Communication programme is a very comprehensive one and taught me all the basic skills I needed to know to tackle real world challenges. Perfect for anyone who wants a good and solid kick-start to learning the ropes of the industry, for people who want to sharpen their skills in knowing a little bit more about how things work in ALL sectors of mass communication.

I love most of my lecturers and I still keep in touch with them! How could you possibly forget the people who taught you so much? 

Now that I've been in the industry for several years now, I still remember what I was taught at KDU Penang! The subjects were very hands-on and interactive (not just boring ol' theory); we got to learn a lot and apply them immediately. Clearly, we had a great balance of work and play in KDU's Mass Communication department.

Academically, I worked hard at what I was studying as I had the passion for this line of work and knew exactly what I wanted to do to pursue my dream. My hard work paid off and I graduated with a CGPA of 3.9 out of 4.0. Thank you for the memories and impartation of skills and knowledge. I had a ball and I'm proud to be a KDU Mass Comm-er!

If you think they paid me for this blogpost, you're severely wrong.

This is entirely a genuine opinion and recommendation for tertiary education :D


Now that this blogpost evoked some good memories circa 2007, lemme share some old photos here!


Some silly fun we got up to in class


In the Recording Studio!


With 2 of my classmates on one of our fieldtrips!


Became editor of a newspaper Journalism project we did – here's my finished product! 😀


Mentored a participant for the KDU DJ Talent Search


On our photography field trip in Campbell Street


My team and I for our Radio Show themed : Viva la Las Vegas!


Thebestfriend and I in class 😀


Our Mass Communications Club activities – SPLASH!

Our version of the Thai Songkran Water Festival


Working as a team!


After 2.5 long years, graduation day! Class of 2009 🙂

So happy to have graduated with a Distinction for my Diploma in Mass Communication


So yeah, that's my testimonial of KDU College Penang's Diploma in Mass Communication course.

I strongly recommend you this 🙂 Drive your dreams!