When would you actually think that you will reach the point of turning senile? Alright, here’s the dirt: I was just taking my time on my cosy bed to paint my nails in a different colour this week. And dad was busy re-affixing the loosened parquet rectangles that came out. So yeah, as I was minding my own business an he obviously minding his, I heard this coming out from his mouth. I swear!

“Good that I discovered you!”

uh-huh. What was that?? Alright, I dismissed it. Perhaps he was just talking on the phone. The next thing was….

“Good boy. Thank you for staying there”

Uhmm. Huh? Wuhh? Gawd. I certainly hope I was hearing things. Whatever. I peered across the room and this was what I saw:

This cannot be true. My father cannot be talking to himself. No wait, talking to the parquet floor. I did not just witness nor hear that. NO . FUCKING . WAY.
He then kept asking me to search for other spots where the parquet tiles could be loose. Like I would know?
I would not crawl all over the floor like a bloodhound sniffing out loose parquet tiles for you (nor anyone else) thank you very much.

Alright, back to painting my nails.
And suddenly, after 15 minutes or so…

“See? I saved at least a hundred dollars putting you all back together!”
” Don’t come out again, ok?”

That’s it. Pretty freaky – I’m outta here!

I hope it was the glue, not him.

My theory? Parquet glue makes a person lose his/her senses. *grins*