So after exactly a month, I've finally got round to finishing the batch editing of all the photos from my 2012 Chinese New Year!

Don't know why I didn't exactly take as much "proper photos" this CNY – all of the photos you are about to see today are all shot with sub-par phone/tablet camera quality. 


If I could sum up Chinese New Year for me every year (in no particular order), it  would be :


1. Family

2. Food

3. Hometown

4. Angpows! $$$

5. Red


So here's what I was up to this Chinese New Year – in photos!


So here we go… FAMILY!

Yup, that's my immediate family. Small, but complete nonetheless 😀


At 5'7", I believe I inherited my height from my dad.  Don't know if that's supposed to be a good thing, since I'm always b!tching about my height on Twitter. Heh. 

Anyway, roadtrip up North to Penang with my fellow Penangites! :D


Penang Bridge during sunset!


The moment I crossed the bridge, I felt a tinge of nostalgia sweeping up to me like a morning breeze.

Good ol' Penang; encompassing so much memories of growing up, life, love, friendships and more 


KOMTAR: Penang's tallest landmark heritage


Brought the boyfie home for CNY. 

Hahahaahah  what does High Expectations Asian Father have to say?


lololol just kidding! They got along pretty damn well 


Seafood dinner by the seaside with the parents & him for our early CNY reunion dinner. Being islanders, seafood is one of our staples amongst many others!

(Don't say rice. I will smack you) 

Look for cooking classes at and you'll see that there is so much more to the cuisine than simply rice!


I daresay this was one of the best dinners I've ever had


We had so much delicious, freshly caught seafood on our table!


Teluk Kumbar Seafood is the name. 

And that's where you're gonna having your sunset seafood dinner when in Penang


Here are only 5 outta 8 dishes we ordered.


Where else did we go for our Chinese New Year reunion dinner?


To Kok Thai Chinese Restaurant for an 8-course Chinese Banquet dinner! 🙂

This photo doesn't do the food justice at all!


3 generations at a round table for dinner 


The boyfie stood out tonight; being the only white in an Asian restaurant on Chinese New Year


And that's not all..


In my family, food comes in abundance as the cooking never stops! 🙂

Delicous home-made reunion dinner meals & yee sang throughout the 1st week of Chinese New Year


Spent time with my maid who, if you didn't already know, 

was my nanny & helped to look after me when I was a 3 year old toddler – till now! 


Spent time with some friends over Barbeque Steamboat at

Town Steamboat along Macalister Road in the city


I was so full & didn't feel like talking. So I got bored. 


At Healy Mac's Irish Bar & Restaurant along Straits Quay!

Don't remember what I ordered, most likely along the lines of Kahlua, Baileys, 

Wild Turkey or some other form of coffe-cream liqueurs.

As always.

What's next?


It was Australia Day!

Fancy some shisha and a bit of Down Under spirit mate? 


Went to the famous Kek Lok Si Temple.

Translated from Penang Hokkien as 'Temple of Supreme Bliss'


Welcome to the largest Buddhist temple in South East Asia! 


Just for the record, I'm not Buddhist.

So… why exactly did we pay a visit to Kek Lok Si temple this Chinese New Year again?


To watch other people pray


For pretty lights!  

The elaborate decorations during the festive season were gorgeous!


To take photos with Buddha…


And take photos with a bigger Buddha…


and take photos with Buddha again…..


… not just ONE Buddha, but many many Buddhas all lined up in a row…


We also wanted to climb up and take photos with the massive Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) statue, but alas we were too late.


We had to go as soon as the gates began to shut.

Good lord, I felt as though I've just warped back from China for a second! :D


And last but not least….. gambling session with the buddies!


Listen up, lucky cat! Bring mommy some good luck aight? 😀 😀


Just so you know, he most certainly kicked some ass 🙂

Good job, son!  Black cats aren't harbingers of bad luck after all, in your case, BabyChivas!


We caused the banker to be bankrupt and yes, I won double the capital I put in!



Hope you had a smashing Chinese New Year celebration of the Black Water Dragon just like I did :D

A late post is better than none! There you go, my Chinese New Year this year!