I just returned from Dubby’s house and we had a real good time with the folks.

Pre-Christmas dinner was simple yet nice. Probably not one of Dubby’s best works… but to me, it’s still good nonetheless. Loveya boo~

Urmm… no need to peep and peer into what’s for dinner like what they’re doing.
I’ll tell ya’ll… fo shure!

We had Baked chicken with bacon and cream cheese stuffings, Potato salad, Fusilli (the helix pasta) and cheese, Aubergines, Wine, Lemon Meringue Pie, and Persimmons.

[below are just two pics of some of the dishes]
Goodness gracious, I can hear the gym beckoning my return!!!

We ate and chatted for hours – Myself, Dubby, Dubby’s mum, My mum, Dubby’s sis, Granny and Big Aunt. Some of us went to the living room to watch some telly and ta-daa! Santa was here early!

Our first Christmas present – from lil sis Rachel! Introducing to you, Octie and Octa. And yes Hunn, MY OCTIE IS CUTER THAN YOUR OCTA! period.

And.. more prezzies from Dubby’s mom!

Wonder what’s inside? *grin*

We cuddled up in front of the telly for a lil while and suddenly, loud guffaws were heard from the dining room. Seriously, their hyena-like laughter evoked my curiosity and I scrambled up to see what was the laughing stock all about.

oh. line dancing.. what’s so funny about that?
And when I thought it was all over, we were greeted to a shock of our lives!!






School girl meets harajuku cheese smile style!!

Tah ee, I applaud and marvel at you for being so sporting. Seriously, I personally would not dress up in.. say, a Mickey Mouse outfit and allow my picture to be taken at my expense. I guess, it’s back to school for everyone, huh?

Aight, our last picture before celebrating Christmas in different locations this year. Oh well, next Christmas will come by soon enough. Let today be our 2007 pre-Christmas celebration together!

**Hugss & kissess**