Just a random thought. You know what’s strange? Perfection can sometimes be overrated. It ain’t easy for anyone to reach the peak of a picture-perfect world in fact.

Everytime you see an almost perfect person, there’s always something you don’t know about him/her.

Yesterday, I acknowledged one of my flaws. While I was just resting on Benj’s bed I was observing what he was doing – I watched him unpack his luggage one by one. He kept everything in order and placed everything back in organization. That is something I won’t find enthusiasm in doing.

Why? you ask

I was never exactly an organized person as far as I can remember. Well, sometimes the bug will come and bite me when I least expect it and I would then transform into a neat freak. Soon, it’ll all come back to the usual. It’s not that I refuse to be a tidy person – each time I see the messiness in my room, wardrobe and desk, I would groan a silent grumble and sigh to myself. If I could re-organize, clear everything and put everything back in order, I would.

I just don’t know where to start!!

Look, my luggage is still where I last left it. Sitting there, looking pretty – doing absolutely nothing.
What on earth is wrong with me? There is a will, but the motor muscles in my hands just refuse to budge.

And my wardrobe? *sigh* Need some help – lots of it.

I’m just not good enough.
Someone give me a hand, I would better myself. I want to.

Stay an arms length away from me. I’m emo.