Just came back from the uni night farewell party! 🙂

For the first time, I didn't bring my camera to the party because I've got toooooooo many overdue blogposts already so I can't afford to take any MORE pictures.


Webcam fooling #1


I despise having close to 20 blogdrafts waiting in line to be published.

So yes, I let all my mates take the photos this time instead, while I had genuine fun.


Webcam fooling #2


Tonight was a great night as usual, my mates got really smashed and my head hurts lika bitch now.

But since no one's going to sleep yet, I decided to fool around with my webbie while chilling with the rest.


Look at Todd behind me

Such a photobomb. Grr.


I had Doritos and Cookies and Cream ice cream earlier.

Totally feel like a slice of pizza now.


But no. Carbs are my worst enemy after midnight 😛

Goodnightey folks!