I must admit that when I first arrived in Melbourne, I had a pretty hard time adapting to the weather.

It was temperamental and yet excruciatingly cold when the sun sets!


They say its very likely to experience 4 seasons in ONE DAY. That's how unpredictable it is.


The sun shines brightly during the day but the cold wind is enough to give you chills anytime


And you call that Summer? Yeah, I arrived in mid February – when it was in the middle of Summer.

I'm sorry, if ya think Australian Summer this year is anything remotely close to any other day in Malaysia, you're terribly wrong.


You would never want to be caught dead outdoors in the early mornings



As mentioned, it's not too bad during the day but being typical Malaysian, I'm so used to wearing very

little clothes that I actually forget about how cold it is outside


A random mini green pinecone we found.

Whose palm is that btw?


 I spend the days indoors with my housies in the West


And my mates from the house next door!


Always up for a drink or two!


As fun as it is in the West, I spend more of my time in South now

I'm glad to have made an awesome bunch of friends there. Love them much!


The route between West rez & South rez


Sunny days for the Summer, but it never gets anything close to 25 degrees celcius


Chilling by South 9's porch


At the uni lounge deck with some of my mates!

From L-R : Levan, Todd, Devin and Deanna


Without realizing it, the days of Summer are over and we are now in the midst of Autumn.


The leaves on the trees has turned yellow in preparation to fall


Bright yellow, vermilion orange and deep, scarlet reds beautifully scattered on the ground


Different trees shed their leaves at different times.

This tree, for example, was a tad late in joining the rest of his kind, but boasts a beautiful, burgundy hue.


Walking by this tree after classes, I can't help but to stop in my tracks

and admire Mother Nature's wonder


One morning, as the sunlight peeped through my window and in the near distance, I spotted a tree with bright red leaves.

Seeing that red is my favorite colour and the fact that I never once noticed this tree just outside my rez, I whipped out my camera and bolted through the door in my pyjamas.


Excuse the straight-out-of-bed face and hair!

I just had to take a picture with it immediately 😀


Here it is again. The rare, bright red ones standing out from the crowd.

Be inspired. I know I am. ;)


As of now, it is nearing towards the end of Autumn and we are expecting Winter to arrive soon.

The days are even colder than before and the nights bring frost to the grass and mist to our mouths.


Every night hits below 5 degrees celcius and I spend all my time right in front of the heater now.

The roaring warmth helps to keep me from freezing my arse off.



Branches are left bare and empty for Winter


No wonder it's so cold. You can actually feel the chill in the air. I soon found out that it was already snowing at Bendigo, some 4 hours away.

I can't wait for my snowboarding, skiing and tobogganing trip up Mount Baw Baw with my mates in late June when the blanket of snow are inches and inches thick!


Here's to hoping it will snow in Melbourne city or Gippsland too! 😀

Not that I intend to freeze or frostbite myself to death, but simply because I've never seen snow before in my entire life!