Okay, when it comes to shopping, you can bet your bottom dollar I'd probably be the first one in line to anything!
Be it window shopping, grocery shopping, clothes shopping, accessories shopping.. Ima bargain hunter
Shopping sesh with the couzzie in Sydney
Which is why I'm so glad I found out about HiShop!
If you guys are with me on Twitter, yall would know that I often indulge in online shopping at the comfort of my home.
So yeah, HiShop is gonna be the biggest thing for online shopping ever! 😀
They bring the biggest boutique brands and we get access to authentic items at the best prices.
Lucky us!
You won't need to queue up or go through the hassle of tonnes of people at shopping malls or other retail outlets!
Plus, I can always sniff a sale a mile away. Here are the stuff on sale at the moment
HiShop's sale item usually lasts for 3-5 days and features the best items from a brand. So yeah, we don't need to sift through ugly, boring stuff… they're specially hand-picked!
And there's more! HiShop hosts exclusive collections from international brands and local designers too. The sale for Special Collection lasts for 2-3months though. It's a longer period, cos ya won't find them on sale anywhere else! 😀 😀
Here's something I found that I really liked from Lotte Edwards!
Better grab it before someone else does
Because all the stuff are all in limited quantities though, so… first come, first served!
Best part is, all the merchandise sold in HiShop are 100% genuine branded stuff! No more of that fake & imitation garbage that you get ripped off for.
Check out the stash – authentic, genuine Nooka's for a fraction of the retail price!
Also, their customer service is fab. Any question regarding anything at all, like wanting to ask about a certain nice handbag you see or basically asking about payment method… anything!
Just email them or even call them to chase them for your orders 😛 😛 Nyahahaha.



I've signed up, so should you 😀 It's www.hishop.my

Now that I've told you the lowdown of it, why don't you watch this video yourself to understand the fun of it better? 😀



Pretty interesting, right?


Now go shop to your heart's content! Thank me later 😛